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The Agrippa are tall, blue amphibious creatures with claws originating from the planet Linkit. They were ruled by the King Agrippa. They tend to explode into blue gunge when harmed.

The Great Beings placed some Agrippa, Froog, and Crystal Serpents in the Codrex sub-levels to act as guards. When Makuta Kakamu tried to hack into the Codrex database, three Agrippa appeared but were killed by him.

The Agrippa were asked by Muta to help him fight Blackout. In the war that followed, many Agrippa ships were destroyed, the King Agrippa was captured and killed, Linkit was completely devastated, and thousands of Agrippa migrated to other planets, such as Lotcas.


Most Agrippa tend to be around 5/6 feet tall. Different Agrippa are covered in different shades of blue - in this respect they can be likened to cats, in that each one has unique (blue) splodges over their whole body. Their legs have two points of articulation each, and they have large crab-like claws in place of hands. This makes picking up everyday objects for them hilariously difficult, though they can wield weapons of their own making with ease. Their eyes are snake-like, and they have inner eyelids to protect their eyes from water and other fluids they might try to swim through. Several raised bumps are also present down the arms and shoulders of all Agrippa.

They are distant evolutionary cousins of the Vassila, who share several traits with the Agrippa, but are a lot closer to humanity.