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The Twilight was a Makuta ship Blackout used in his rampage of revenge against the worlds who had defeated him in the First Battle of Impel Down.

It destroyed Nebulos and then fired at TMV. It then attacked Quintessa. During this attack, the Twilight was attacked by the Agrippa and the Fellowship of Kakamu. It then attacked the Goa'uld homeworld and then appeared in orbit of Praxus-Delta, where Starscream took over it. The ship was then attacked by Blackout, Malygos, Kakamu and Klak. Starscream was defeated, and Blackout escaped in a shuttle and locked Malygos onboard the ship without a command code. After Xavalis got the command code wrong, the ship activated the timer on a fusion bomb, then fried its main computer to prevent deactivation.

It was destroyed. Obviously.


The Twilight was equipped with enough weapons to devastate an entire planet. Its armaments included cutter beams and plasma torpedoes, among many others which were never named.