Battle over Alaine

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Battle over Alaine
Part of the Uterio War story arc


150,081 CMT




Original Universe


Order of the Great Beings


Shima Brothers

Toa Yerta

Faction Goals

Destroy everything and everyone preventing him from claiming Alaine for the Great Beings.

Destroy the defences of the Nakamura and call the Galactic Government to apprehend Serecio once that was achieved.

Defend Alaine from Serecio's attack.

Lead his team in fighting their way through to Serecio so that they may question him about the rumors that the GBs had declared war on the universe.

  • 10 Vassila warships, each with a Vassilan fighter drone attached
  • The Nakamura
  • Many robots
  • All forces
  • Ignika II

Ignika II and Wing Justice are both killed. The Vassila forces and the Nakamura are destroyed. The surviving Toa Yerta are transformed into more powerful versions of themselves, but Komerak is separated from the team when he accidentally triggers a Nova Blast. Serecio escapes alive.


The Battle over Alaine occurred because Serecio was bored. He had been tricked by F-Klak into withdrawing his forces from the Battle of Malchior IV prematurely, so he decided to set the Nakamura on a course for Alaine to attack there instead. On the journey there his ship passed through the airspace of other Malchiorian worlds and eventually Vassilan space, prompting warnings from patrol ships and warning drones alike. Serecio scoffed and promptly destroyed them both, causing the Vassila to retaliate by sending a party of ten warships at the Nakamura to disable its systems.


The Initial Battle[edit]

Once the Vassilan ships reached the Nakamura, they began darting around the ship, firing at its turrets. Some of the ship's storage rooms were destroyed and a turret was disabled. Serecio responded by remotely commanding a group of space-adapted Blade Dragons to attack the ships. The cockpits of two ships were torn off and flung away by the Rahi. The Vassilan Mission Commander ordered the release of the drones that the ships were carrying, so the drones detached, flying towards the Blade Dragons with foot-mounted jets. The drones began fighting them by using elbow-mounted jet boosters to launch their iron fists into the Blade Dragons at high speeds.

Soon after, the drones found unlikely allies in the form of the Shima Brothers, who had arrived at the scene to assist the Vassila in defending the people of Alaine. Together, the three brothers snapped the necks of one of the Blade Dragons, and slashed open the throats of two more. Takashima broke off from the group to investigate a nearby anomalous reading, and was promptly warped away by purple energy to an unknown location. The two remaining brothers were fired at by the Nakamura's turrets and only narrowly avoided the lasers. They responded by grabbing the tail of one of the dead Blade Dragons and flinging it at the ship's command deck. Serecio saw through their plan and used the self-activating portal matrix on his energy gauntlet to throw the corpse off-course from his command chair. Because the two Shima Brothers were too small for the turrets to hit, he decided to release hundreds of his flying robots from one of the Nakamura's storage bays to deal with them instead.

The Other Parties[edit]

However, immediately following the robots' release, the Nakamura's systems were infected with a computer virus of unknown origin. While Serecio and the Pilot concentrated on purging the mainframe of the virus, another anime-esque character called "Sailor Nebula" appeared and did some magic ju-jitsu cyclone thing which destroyed a large percentage of the robots. Takashima reappeared and grumbled as he fought some more of Serecio's forces.

Because the Vassilan ships were trying to navigate their way through the chaos, the battle was complicated even further by the arrival of Vok's fleet of over a hundred Terugan military ships, which were there to capture Yon, who was somewhere on the planet's surface. The Terugan ships attempted to broadcast this message to the other fighting forces, but they were largely ignored, and several Terugan ships were either shot down in the crossfire or sucked into Nebula's tornado and destroyed. The rest managed to make it long enough to enter the planet's atmosphere and teleport Yon away from his group. Back in space, the Pilot of the Nakamura swerved the ship out of the way of the cyclone, which dissipated shortly after. With Nebula gone and ever more robots emerging from Serecio's flagship, the Shima Brothers decided to call it a day and summoned their automated craft to escape in. As a result, the Nakamura was left alone with the last few Vassilan ships.

Boarding the Nakamura[edit]

While the last of Serecio's robots and Blade Dragons were distracted by the Vassilan drones, and the Nakamura's turrets were focused on their ships, the Toa Yerta arrived at the scene in their ship to investigate the rumours that the Great Beings had declared war on the universe. Upon seeing the giant Three Virtues symbol on the side of the Nakamura, they decided to board the ship whatever way possible. They did this by concentrating their ship's fire on a forcefield generator outside a hangar, which deactivated its shield, allowing them to fly their ship in. It skidded across the hangar and destroyed a few robots before they jumped out and finished off the rest with their elemental powers. The Yerta disappeared into the ship's corridors and the Vassilan forces outside were finally destroyed.

With nothing left in his way, Serecio commanded that firepower be focused on settlements on the planet's surface. Several towns and cities were destroyed before Strike Destiny and Wing Justice suddenly arrived at the scene, who were already fighting each other to the death. The hull of the Nakamura became their own personal battleground, and it wasn't long before the Nakamura sustained enough damage to cause it to drop out of orbit. It split in half and crashed into the planet's surface. Refusing to admit defeat, Serecio commanded the rest of his robot reserves to rampage across the planet - except they were destroyed by the Visitor, who had come to collect Yon. The Rahi hordes came next, but Serecio could not control them himself because he was called to attend a meeting by Angonce. Instead, Serecio blasted the Yerta through a wall with his gauntlet before he portalled himself out. The Yerta were knocked into a protodermis pool in the ship's remains as a result of the turbulence and were transformed into more powerful versions of themselves, but Ignika II died in the process.

Thus ended the Battle over Alaine.

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