Operation: Firestorm

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Operation: Firestorm
Part of the New World Order arc


150,082 CMT




Original Universe


Uteria's invasion forces


Faction Goals

Conquer as much of the Original Universe as possible.

Repel the attack and force the SMU invaders to surrender.

  • Turahk-Kah
  • SM Rahn
  • Many others


Uteria's forces are defeated and surrender to the ZFT.


Operation: Firestorm was a failed attempt to take over the Original Universe that was masterminded by Marshal Uteria, a warlord from the Shattered Mirror Universe.


After the failure of the first invasion through the Shattered Mirror II organized by SM Trantoshen, Uteria began planning another attack on the OU. As part of this plan, she sent Turahk-Kah into the OU to become a mole for them in the ZFT.

When "Phase One" of the plan was initiated, the SM Bouncy-Ball was sent to the OU to clear a path on an unnamed planet for the Shattered Mirror II to be sent through. The Bouncy-Ball bounced across the surface of the planet, crushing much of the human forces that tried to fight back. When it came to a stop, a small army of DAL robots emerged from the ship and attacked the humans. SM Masaharu also emerged from the ship to command the DALs, but was tranquilized by one of the humans and dragged away. Once a sufficient area had been cleared by the DALs, SM Shockwave notified Uteria that Phase Two could begin. A large portal opened above the area which the Shattered Mirror II emerged from, and through it, many other troops from the SMU.

Meanwhile, SM Masaharu was rescued by SM Genetoes, and Turahk-Kah was ordered to eliminate Blackout and David Robert Jones to prevent them from interfering with Operation: Firestorm. He burst into the room and fired a fear blast at a wall, and was subsequently obliterated by them both.

Back in the Shattered Mirror Universe, SM Blackout begged Uteria to be part of the invasion forces. Uteria reluctantly agreed to send him to the front line, on the condition that he bring her his counterpart's head. SMB crossed over to the OU and approached the crew of the Bouncy-Ball, which is where he heard he would find competent troops to lead. Instead, he was given the Blackout Protection Society: Alex, Jack, Ben, and Ollie. SMB took the BPS to fight OU Blackout, but OU Blackout killed them and crushed SMB with a falling pillar.

Shortly afterwards, Blackout took himself, Barricade, Overlord Blackout and an army of Rahkshi to the SMU-conquered world through the Theta Gate, where they began fighting Uteria's forces. Barricade killed SM Rahn and a random Rahkshi captured SM Masaharu in a net. SM Masaharu escaped by tearing through it with his claws, and fought Barricade for a while, before their battle was interrupted by the Uncaged Lion.

Eventually, Blackout reached the main tower belonging to the SMU forces and demanded to see their leader. SM Le Chiffre presented himself and told Blackout that he would never surrender. In response to this, Blackout slapped him, which caused Le Chiffre to change his mind and immediately surrender to the ZFT. Blackout then used one of their communications devices to contact Uteria and demanded her surrender too; surprisingly, she did.

Most of the remnants of Uteria's forces surrendered to the ZFT, with the exception of Uncaged Lion and the remaining crew of the Bouncy-Ball, who escaped to fight another day.


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