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Ascension is the seventeenth arc of BZPB, preceded by Shenanigans and followed by The Mazkertis Paradox. It began with Malygos using Iris to ascend from being a physical being to an entity made of pure magical energy.

It also involved several revelations about the Users and their technology, the Dong Squad's mission to Meme World and the invasion of Atuar Sadiares by Deathsaurus and co.


  • Shortly after the beginning of Ascension, The Spark of Genius/LordMalygos left BZPB due to real life commitments. He gave his characters to Kon and trusted him with finishing the arc, but some people were strongly opposed to this, so Kon decided to wrap it up fairly quickly and let LM do it again himself if he ever came back. He did come back, but didn't want to redo Ascension and the RPG ended soon afterwards anyway.

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