Battle of Neo Z'traa

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Battle of Neo Z'traa
Part of the Uterio War arc


150,081 CMT


Neo Z'traa


Original Universe


Rebel Alliance-ZFT alliance

Order of the Great Beings


Faction Goals

Prevent the protodermis mine from falling into Uterio's hands, as well as obtain protodermis to use against him.

Secure the protodermis mine for themselves.

Prevent anyone else from taking over the protodermis mine.

  • Some Knights of the Keruvim
  • Some soldiers
  • Some Pokémon
  • Some Vrai

The Rebel Alliance obtain protodermis, Uterio is sent into a coma, and Arceus is sucked into a crack in time.


The Battle of Neo Z'traa took place over the protodermis mine on the Vrai world of Neo Z'traa. The sides fighting over the mine were the Rebel Alliance, Uterio di Armechio's forces, and the Vrai.


The Rebel Alliance forces attempted to acquire the mine with little conflict, but the Vrai discovered them and attacked them. Uterio and Arceus sent their forces into the jungle, and a large battle ensued. A few Knights were killed, but so were plenty of Vrai, Pokémon, and soldiers. Blackout found himself being attacked by an insanely large Pokémon called Regigigas, who was eventually defeated when Osseron joined the battle and distracted him, allowing Blackout and Overlord Blackout to blind him. However, Regigigas was replaced by three new Pokémon: Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza, who were also defeated by Blackout and Osseron. Perseus and Overlord Blackout (who had gotten bored of fighting Pokémon very quickly) helped secure the mine, and fought off anyone who approached them, including Uterio himself, whom they pummelled to the point where he fell into a coma.

Meanwhile, the other knights were helped by Osseron in a field in the middle of the jungle. The remaining Pokémon attacked a nearby Vrai village.

In the end, Uterio's army surrendered, Arceus was sucked into a crack in time and ended up on a British merchant ship in the Atlantic Ocean in 1940, the Vrai escaped from the jungle, and the mine was secure. The Knights of the Keruvim transferred the protodermis to their ships, and left for home.

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