Battle of Judoon

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Battle of Judoon
Part of the Hunt for Zev arc






Original Universe


Shadow Proclamation

Conquistadores-Arrancar alliance

Hand of Ocelot

Faction Goals

Kill or capture Zev.

Save Zev from the Shadow Proclamation.

Get revenge on Blackout and Zev for the capture of Liquid Ocelot.


Zev and Maelstrom captured; Zev sent to Impel Down.


The Battle of Judoon was a battle which took place on the planet of Judoon between the forces of the Shadow Proclamation, Zev Raregroove and the Hand of Ocelot.


The battle opened with the Nemesis and the Night Ruby firing plasma bombs in order to scatter Zev's forces. Zev responded by scattering his forces and sending two groups in order to attack the ships, which failed. Then, Maelstrom arrived, and attacked Zev, only to be captured by Artrix. The battle then became less heated, and finally ended when Zev was captured by Blackout and sent to Impel Down.