New World Order (arc)

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The New World Order Arc is the fifteenth arc of BZPB, preceded by the Uterio War and followed by Shenanigans. It involved the ZFT launching an assault on several locations, including Neo Z'Traa, Shinobi-Nui, and Cold Ground. It concluded with most of Blackout's forces being imprisoned on Malchior IV. Caiaphus returned with new allies, and Figlio di Armechio began his ascent to power. Ultron and the other assassin robots that Angonce brought together to kill the remaining Uterio War combatants (Baterra and HK-47) made their presence known throughout the universe by taking out several targets. Project Cadmus began mobilizing in secret. Ynot returned to Aeon, killed the local tyrant Scourge, and heralded a revival of the civilisation. MY and MK started The Platinum Lantern Corp, The Architect constructed Thunderwing. Books LLC liked that.

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