Battle of Darkmount

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Battle of Darkmount
Part of the Revelations arc






Original Universe


Makuta Anima & allies

Brotherhood of Makuta

Faction Goals

Defeat Blackout.

Defend Darkmount and kill Ynot.

  • The Fallen


The Fallen seemingly dies. Blackout retreats and blows up Kamino in his wake.


The Battle of Darkmount was fought on Darkmount. It concluded the Revelations story arc.

The battle began when Ynot, the Makuta Anima, and The Fallen attacked Darkmount, dealing some damage to the city-ship. However, Ynot suffered a setback when Blackout killed the Fallen, and Makuta Starscream, Barricade, Brawl and Bonecrusher attacked the Anima. Blackout and Ynot then fought each other, with neither being able to get the upper hand without losing it moments later. The five Elite Makuta present then combined into a giant super-Makuta known as Bruticus, forcing the Anima to use Menos Grande to fight him. Later, TMV, one of Zev's lieutenants, arrived, and fought Bruticus together with a weird half-man, half-lizard called Rylou, who managed to force Bruticus to disassemble. The Elite Makuta then boarded Darkmount, but not before Blackout triggered "planetary destruct sequence Delta", which began a countdown that would end in the planet's destruction. Everyone survived.

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