Battle of the BZPower Staff HQ

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Battle of the BZPower Staff HQ
Part of the New World Order arc


150,082 CMT




Original Universe


The Users

BZPower Admin Team

Knights of the Great Beings

Hapori Dume


Faction Goals

Depose Black Six so that the Users have greater control over BZPB.

Defeat the Architect and maintain order.

Defeat the rebels before they get to B6, so that Orion Pax can later take B6 to Mordor alive.

Wreak revenge on the BZP staff for imprisoning him.

Cause chaos and confusion by attacking random participants of the battle.

  • Brandt (unconfirmed)
  • The nameless soldiers
  • Devcon
  • The Matoran in a Black Suit
  • Dilius
  • Takuma Nuva
  • ~Infinity~
  • Leadfoot
  • BBB

The Users assume their rightful position as rulers of the BZPB Multiverse. The BZP Staff are overthrown and Black Six is defeated, but rescued by Orion Pax and taken to Mordor. Poe is stripped of her powers and Hapori Dume escapes into the wild.


The Battle of the BZPower Staff HQ occurred when the Users decided that they had had enough of Black Six's oppressive rule and rebelled against him.


Inside a secret underground base on the User World, the Architect and his friend Brandt worked on their plans to take Black Six down in what they called "Operation: Ballsy Move". The Architect added User MK to his ranks by kidnapping him and persuading him to join them, and User MY counted himself in as well. User Zev and User Sarge were both contacted, but they were both busy with other matters, as was User Kon, though he claimed he would join them later. The Architect gave everyone codenames so they could communicate over radio without their identities being discovered if someone eavesdropped; his, MY's, MK's and User Kon's were "Ted Mosby", "Electrician", "Casio" and "Captain Obvious", respectively, with Black Six also being referred to as "The Puppet".

User MY created Poe and a squad of clones of various BZPB characters including Blackout and Ynot to help in the battle, and Brandt gathered a small squad of soldiers loyal to him, as well as Devcon, a huge four-legged battle robot. The Architect's plan for him and MK was to fly to the BZP Staff HQ in Brandt's helicopter and pose as BZPower Forum Assistants to get close to B6. Meanwhile, MY would take an armoured bus with Brandt's soldiers to the HQ, and Brandt himself would take Devcon through the tunnels underground.

With that, the rebels mobilized, and User Kon finally joined them by appearing on the helicopter. Unfortunately, Friar Tuck learned that the Users were moving against Black Six, and went to Mordor to inform TPK. The Great Being responded by sending a squadron to the User World to defend the HQ. Orion Pax led the squadron, which also consisted of several other Knights of the Great Beings and some Cybermen. They took positions around the HQ and readied themselves for the attack.


The Architect took out his radio and officially ordered the attack. He then fired two of the helicopter's missiles at the BZP Staff HQ, blowing a hole in the top floor. User MK jumped down through the hole and began fighting its forum attendants, winding Dilius with a baseball bat and several others with his nerf gun blade. One of the Knights of the Great Beings, Crankcase, shot the helicopter and caused it to crash into the third floor. When the Architect climbed out of the wreckage, he was confronted by Orion Pax, who drew his sword and charged at the Architect.

Meanwhile, the Knights' Cybermen attacked the armored bus, and shot the third of Brandt's nameless soldiers dead. The bus flipped over and crashed into a bomb shelter during the chaos. At the bottom of the HQ, Brandt and Devcon exchanged fire with Roadbuster, Leadfoot and Topspin, and Hapori Dume emerged from the shadows to also exact revenge upon the BZP Staff. Up in the air, a second helicopter piloted by BBB appeared, and he blew a hole in the seventh floor. However, Gatanui promptly manned a turret and shot the helicopter down, destroying BBB's original body in the process. User MY formed a shield and chainsaw to defend against the Cybermen, but when he escaped the bus wreckage, Bonesiii and Omicron landed in front of him to block his escape. Elsewhere, Poe released her clones from stasis and led them towards the HQ.

User Kon left the helicopter wreckage, blasted Dorek with a Midak Skyblaster, and kicked him out the window. On the floor that User MK was on, MK killed several Pantheon Guardians (other Knights of the GBs) and incapacitated more BZP loyalists. Bonesiii and Omicron attacked User MY with several text-based constructs, and the Architect engaged in a swordfight with Orion Pax. Tercio (another KotGB) entered the wreckage of the armored bus and gunned down most of Brandt's nameless soldiers, save for NS4 and NS5. NS4 shot a cluster of dynamite underneath a seat next to Tercio, sacrificing himself to weaken the Knight.

Other Knights of the GBs succeeded in killing Devcon, causing his body to drop to the floor and Brandt sliding off it. Brandt avenged his fallen steed by killing Leadfoot with a long needle in his umbrella. Meanwhile, User Kon was captured by Electric Turahk, KNI, and Laughin' Man. In a surprising turn of events, User John Sheppard appeared, swinging down on a lampshade and kicking the staffies over. Kon and JS ran into an elevator, where JS explained that he broke out of prison with Hapori Dume. As they spoke, Dume destroyed Gatanui's turret and threw him into a wall. Black Six himself then appeared next to them and whacked JS with a banhammer, teleporting him to another prison elsewhere on the planet.

Outside, User MY used his Mind Slave Army (an army of possessed BZP Users) to protect him and absorb Omicron into their ranks.

On the top floor of the HQ, User MK finally met a challenge in the form of Laughin' Man and Takuma Nuva. He grabbed Laughin' Man and used him as a shield against Takuma Nuva's attacks. When BZP commies including Tricky arrived to back them up, MK shot them with his Skyblaster, causing them to explode. Takuma then took out a flamethrower and shot at MK with it. GregF himself then made a sudden appearance, standing between Kon and Black Six in the elevator.

The Architect's battle with Orion Pax resulted in the Architect being shot and seemingly killed. However, when Pax began to walk away, the Architect rose again as a more powerful version of himself. After dueling once more, the Architect kicked Orion Pax into a chair that wasn't there before, which was launched out of the window. The chair flew round onto the top floor and crushed Takuma Nuva. Orion Pax stepped off the chair, ignited his axe, and charged at MK.

Brandt's battle with the Knights of the GBs outside ended when he ran out of umbrella-needles to shoot them with. Topspin threw him into the air and Roadbuster shot him.

Back in the armored bus wreckage, Tercio walked through the flames to fight User MY. They engaged in a battle of bullets and lasers, though most were deflected by MY with a giant Pie Shield. MY then used the enslaved Omicron to fight Tercio for him, but Orion Pax arrived to whack some sense into the staffie.

The Architect then teleported to the elevator, but it could not hold his weight combined with that of User Kon, GregF, and Black Six, so the cables snapped and it began to fall. GregF teleported away from the danger, and User Kon blew a hole in the elevator for he and the Architect jump out and grab a maintenance ladder. Black Six floated up behind them on a hoverboard. While Kon climbed to safety, the Architect stepped on a pedal on the hoverboard, causing it to launch through the roof of the building and into the sky. The hoverboard was destroyed by a missile fired from an unknown source and the Architect landed on what's left of the roof. He was then approached by Dovydas, Razgriz 1, and Tyler Durden, but the Architect released a shockwave that blew them all off the roof. B6 landed on the roof next to User Kon and the Architect and trapped them in a cyclone. He then sent it off the roof, causing them both to fall to the ground below.

Both User Kon and the Architect landed on cars, the former of who's belonged to Mesonak. Kon defeated the corporate slave just in time for Black Six and Hapori Dume to arrive at their location. Before Dume could mutilate B6, he was blasted away by DeeVee, who was then attacked by some random comic makers. The Matoran in a Black Suit emerged from a portal on a horse to help his friend the Architect. However, B6 immediately knocked him off and used him as a shield against Hapori Dume's attacks. B6 then discarded the MiaBS's corpse and fought Dume and the Architect with energy blasts. Eventually, Dume got bored and ran away, leaving the Architect to fight B6. User Kon also left him to his business, choosing instead to look for User MK. He was interrupted by ~Infinity~, who accused him of not being a Hero Factory fan and shot at him with a flamethrower. Kon jumped backwards and shot him with his Skyblaster, lighting him on fire. ~Infinity~ ran screaming into Dilius, who was lit by ~Infinity~'s flames and exploded.

Meanwhile, Tercio and Orion Pax have succeeded in releasing Omicron from User MY's control. Omicron allied himself with them after MY escaped on his speeder.

Poe's army of clones finally arrived to help the Architect, and they all attacked B6 simultaneously. Unable to defend against so many targets at once, B6 was crippled and put into a coma. Before any one character could deliver the finishing blow, Orion Pax teleported in, grabbed him, and vanished. User MY congratulated Poe on her victory and stripped her of the power she no longer needed. The rest of the Knights of the GBs escaped from their failure and returned to Mordor, and the remaining loyalist forces also gave up their struggle. With no more admins willing to oppose them, the Users took over the Staff HQ and assumed their position as rightful rulers of the BZPB Multiverse.

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