Uterio War

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Main Commanders: Klak, Blackout, David Robert Jones, TPK, Angonce, Uterio di Armechio
Rebel Goal: Defeat invading Uterio armies and bring freedom across the galaxy; Convince the Great Beings that they were lied to.
Uterio's Goal: Trick Great Beings into letting him take over the universe; Wipe out Council of Great Beings and Rebel Alliance; Kill D-Klak.
Rebel Forces Malchiorians from several planets, Knights of the Keruvim, D-Klak, Nadle, ZFT, Zev's allies, Ynot's allies, Osseron's ship, several other forces.
GB Forces: Millions of guards belonging to the GB/Uterian Army; Rahksha; Pirate Lords of Liquid Metallicon; Osirians; Other worlds that pledged loyalty to Uterio
Winner: Rebel Alliance
Aftermath: Thousands if not millions dead on both sides; Uterio's death; Treveya's death; Set's death; Jarvis' death; ZFT takeover of Teruga Prime; TPK taking over the Council of Great Beings; Schism of the Council of the Great Beings; Angonce's exile; Withdrawal of many GB forces from strategic locations; Defeat of some of the Pirate Lords of Liquid Metallicon; All TrSBoM bases ransacked or destroyed; Osirian near-extinction; Ailyb-Gypte revolts; Kakamu and his family go into hiding; Release of Ultron, HK-47, and the newly modified Baterra into the universe.

The Uterio War was a large scale conflict that involved the entire Original Universe. It is also the 13th Arc of BZPB preceded by The Pandorica Opens and followed by The New World Order. It began when Uterio di Armechio convinced the Council of the Great Beings to declare war on the multiverse and strip the Users of their powers.

The universe divided itself into groups and planets that supported Uterio, were against his conquest, or were indifferent. Ultimately, most of those who were against him, such as the ZFT, Makuta Anima, Klak, D-Klak, Zev Raregroove, Osseron, Kakamu, K'theenya, and others formed a group known as the Rebel Alliance. Blackout worked with his mortal enemies to bring down a common foe in a historic conflict.

Known Battles (onscreen)[edit]

Onscreen Battles[edit]

Offscreen Battles[edit]

  • Battle of the Makuhero Star Cluster (cluster originates from Hero Factory)
  • Battle of Quatros (planet originates from Hero Factory)
  • Second Battle of Wayland (planet originates from Star Wars)
  • Battle of Novalis (planet originates from Ratchet and Clank)
  • Battle of Veldin (planet originates from Ratchet and Clank)
  • Battle of Demon's Run (asteroid originates from Doctor Who)
  • Battle of Tybion II
  • Battle of Stelta-Stal
  • Battle of Fareste
  • Several unnamed/unknown conflicts throughout the galaxies.


  • The Uterio War was one of the largest conflicts (in scale) ever waged in BZPB history, second only to the war against Blackout (which is not even an official war). It involved countless galaxies, characters, and armies. The majority of the Users and their characters were involved in the war, at least in some minor way, shape, or form.
  • It is one of the longest arcs in BZPB history, coming in behind both Shenanigans and The Mazkertis Paradox. The Uterio War lasted for several months, beginning at some time in 2011 and ending in 2012. In BZPB canon, the war lasted for over a year.
  • Death toll: Unknown; possibly millions.
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