Ynot's assault on Ta'harix's castle

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Ynot's assault on Ta'harix's castle
Unknown arc




Ta'harix's castle


Original Universe


Makuta Anima & Toa Idiotas

Reformed Second Brotherhood of Makuta

Faction Goals

Force Ta'harix to stop pestering Ynot about joining the Reformed Second Brotherhood of Makuta.

Persuade Ynot to join the Reformed Second Brotherhood of Makuta.

  • Ta'harix
  • An unknown number of castle guards

Ta'harix decides to leave Ynot alone.


Ynot's assault on Ta'harix's castle was Ynot's response to Ta'harix's offer to join the The Reformed Second Brotherhood of Makuta.


The battle began with EMP Grenades knocking out the power, and a barrier surrounding the castle. Outer rim guards fell next, when a portal opened. The second wave of guards were taken care of by Asumaru and Hokagetsu. All armaments were then burned, and the front door smashed by Sasuken and Blade.

Ynot walked in after that and after brief banter, the actual fight began with Ta'harix dashing up to Ynot and melting his mask. Ynot countered by unsealing Ka-Oni-Santsu, sky kicking Ta'harix, then pile driving him into the ground. Ta'harix responded by turning up the heat, but Ynot was on top of things with KOS's ability to absorb the heat and increase its power. Ta'harix turned it up again, despite it obviously not working the first time, with the only difference that he did it to the extent of turning the floor to magma. The Anima and Idiotas fell in line for a Group Taunt as KOS's Phoenix form glowed to the extent of a brilliant white star. Ta'harix must have had a mental breakdown at this point, as he went into denial, sitting on a throne and going on a speech about the Power of Fire. By the Power of Chance, Hokagetsu was lit on fire, so Ynot had everyone evacuate so it was just him and his quarry.

There was a momentary break when User Zev and User John Sheppard conversed about MakutaYnot's whereabouts while eating tasty fish and livers.

After such, but just before leaving, Xeno launched a T-4 missile at Ta'harix, though he completely ignored it. Ynot followed that up with a quick drenching of everything hot with ice cold water. Ta'harix ignored it again. Ynot finally just floored everyone with a gravity field and switched from Hydra back to Phoenix to drain all heat from the room. To top that, he delivered a slightly altered version of Teridax's most famous threat, but Ta'harix pulled a fast one and used his mask to reverse the gravity field onto Ynot. Unfortunately, Ynot's Ultimix learned quickly, and re-reversed it back into Ta'harix. Then Ynot played dirty and stabbed Ta'harix in the chest. Surprise surprise, he ignored it, and then went on a tangent about Ynot joining The Reformed Second Brotherhood of Makuta. Ynot replied with his Origin Story and left.

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