The Norman (OU)

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"The Norman"
Formal Name
Matoran/Turaga of Iron
Home Reality

"The Norman" is a Nynrah Ghost who created Klak's armor (not his antidermis). She is blind, but extremely crafty.


There is some confusion as to whether the Norman is a Matoran or a Turaga. We still don't know for sure, but we do know that her element is Iron. Her armor is turquoise-colored, and she wears a Noble Kanohi Kaukau.


Not much is known about how the Nynrah Ghosts arrived on Malchior IV, or how she got her title, or how she even became blind. However, her many years of life made her wise, knowing about much of the secrets of the BZPB Multiverse, Keruvim, etc.

The Norman was captured by Nadle in order to take Malchior IV hostage, and attract Klak's attention. Hearing talk of the Apprentices and her own creation, she only sat smiling while pondering life.

Many of Caiaphus's minions restrained her while she wandered in the battle. This was evident when two beings appeared behind her while she warned Treveya of both Klak and Nadle's destiny. Eventually she slipped away from them, sitting on a rock and communicating with The Shepherd. The Norman then sensed the Verdant Testament being activated by Wisp.

She spent time inside of Caiaphus's head, becoming a witness of his sinister and diabolical plans. However, much later, Klak rescued her. She spent some time with her 'son' in his adventures, but was kidnapped by Blackout.

Ultimately, the User, MakutaKlak rescued the Norman, and kept her in his room. When Klak returned, she reunited with him. Much later, she was returned to Malchior IV, and continues to live there safely.