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This article is about the strange phenomenon. For the event when a player's post is deliberately contradicted by another, see Miserable Failure.
A plothole. Taken from the USS Enterprise-E seconds before its inevitable destruction.

A plothole is a mysterious phenomenon which occurs either when a character vanishes without explanation, or when a player's post is accidentally contradicted by another post.

Because of their unpredictable nature, very little can be done to clear at least some of the mystery surrounding plotholes, but what is known is that they have nothing to do with black holes. Further research may result in more discoveries, but in the meantime, we know very little about the subject of this article.

The effects of a plothole on an individual are extremely unpredictable (like the plotholes themselves), but they have been known to include the affected individual inadvertently contradicting either himself or others, or mysteriously disappearing, possibly ending up in the plothole itself.


  • Krika was blown to tiny pieces by Blackout, but reappeared, alive and well, many years later.
  • Starscream was affected by two plotholes during the course of the game. One involved him attempting to join the Decepticons and mysteriously reappearing at Blackout's side after a period of inactivity, and later simultaneously being present on Darkmount during a battle and on a distant planet being reactivated by Xavalis.
  • While fighting TBS, Vorahk-Kah was originally floating in mid-air, but in the next post he was on top of Darkmount, for some reason.
  • Kranxx and the Savant were disintegrated by Blackout, but some time later they were summoned by Quolas's Orb of Summoning, alive and well.
  • The Energized Protodermis Entity fell victim to one of the largest plotholes ever: everyone forgot they were fighting it.
  • The Original Universe was saved from destruction by a plothole. After Blackout opened the Pandorica, the resulting chaos should have resulted in the destruction of the entire universe. However, it didn't, because everyone forgot that it was supposed to happen.