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JC Denton
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Human (clone)
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"I must be some kind of standard. The anonymous gangbanger of the 21st century."
JC Denton trying, but failing, to make sense of his own personal history

JC Denton was a nanoaugmented mentally unstable man who was constantly afflicted by surreal visual and auditory hallucinations. Little of his past has been revealed with the exception that he was at some point a special agent and imprisoned in Supermax 282. He escaped Supermax 282 in the breakout masterminded by Heavy and travelled to Kråvenhold, where he decided to stay to help Mortimer Moloch search for his missing brother.


Prisoner of Supermax 282[edit]

By 150,084 CMT, JC Denton had been imprisoned in Supermax 282 but was allowed to freely roam the facility because the guards deemed him harmless. One day, JC walked into a restroom and had an argument with his own reflection, which told him to try getting a job, and another hallucinated version of himself that told JC that he had "contamination and mutants" in his brain. JC replied "...just another YOURMUM parasite" and exited the restroom.[1]

At lunchtime that same day, JC sat alone at his table and tried to discern the identity of his fork, mistaking it for a sentient being.[2] JC then ran into a restroom, threw a roll of toilet paper into one cubicle and banged on the door of another that Agent 47 was in. JC continued banging until he hallucinated the door saying "I do not move out of the way!", which convinced him to give up and try another cubicle. JC found that the third cubicle was unoccupied, but he was immediately accosted by the toilet inside, which referred to JC as "My love" and asked him if his memories had returned. Unsure of how to respond, JC ran away in an attempt to escape all the bizarre hallucinations.[3]

After lunchtime, JC returned to Seran Dol-Abi's cell instead of his own cell and told the Jedi that he would help him and his allies break out of Supermax 282 "the right way", having previously overheard Seran's conversation with Heavy where Heavy claimed that he had a plan to break them out of the prison. JC then hallucinated a pigeon inside the cell that told him to "get everyone together" and "go in and go in and go in and go in like the US Marshall and his three daughters".[4] That evening, JC followed Seran to a maintenance closet[5] where he and Seran met with Agent 47, Dr. Bedge, Doug Walker, Linkara, Mortimer Moloch, Paul Latza, Spanha, and Spoony, who all gathered to listen to Heavy's plan to break out of Supermax 282. Heavy then outlined the elements of his plan: each of the gathered prisoners would have to remain in the maintenance closet until after the end of the recreation hour and sneak undetected to the cell block's kitchen; if the prisoners managed to reach the kitchen undetected, they would hide themselves in trashcans, which would then be loaded onto a Gabagool Incorporated garbage disposal ship and transported to an extraterrestrial dumping ground.[6] The same pigeon that JC had hallucinated before then reappeared and urged JC to "Go in" again, which persuaded him to participate in the breakout.[7]

The Great Escape[edit]

The gathered prisoners remained in the maintenance closet past recreation hour and successfully snuck into the kitchen after most of the rest of the prisoners had been returned to their cells (with the exception of a select few others such as Dr. Pavel, who had snuck away on his own and decided to join JC Denton and company in their breakout attempt on the way). Moments after the group entered the kitchen, the prison staff noticed that numerous prisoners were missing from their cells and raised the alarm, activating a bulkhead door that sealed them inside the kitchen. Meanwhile, JC and his newfound allies encountered another prisoner who had snuck into the kitchen before them named Koranis, who mistook Heavy for a prison guard and attacked him. The loud brawl between Heavy and Koranis alerted the guards outside to the prisoners' presence in the kitchen, prompting them to retract the bulkhead door and charge in to subdue the prisoners.[7] JC punched one of the guards and stole their stunstick, using it to beat down some of the other guards.[8]

The first wave of guards scattered when Amobb Banks arrived, firing shotgun blasts at the attempted escapees.[9] JC recognized Banks, but left it to Agent 47 to introduce Banks to the more recent convicts who were not yet familiar with the Vice-Warden.[10] Koranis knocked over a fridge amid the chaos, and in doing so revealed the entrance to a hidden passageway that led to the docking bay of Supermax 282. JC then activated his Spy Drone augmentation, assembling an aerial spy drone that whizzed around the guards and zapped them with electric blasts while his allies piled into the passageway.[11] JC focused his spy drone's attacks on the guards that were attacking Heavy[12] until the drone was destroyed by a 100% Black. Once JC had beaten down some more standard guards with his stunstick, he confronted the 100% Black[13] and baited them into chasing him into an adjacent hallway. Having previously stolen some munitions from the prison armory, JC dropped a landmine while he ran that exploded under the 100% Black's feet, incapacitating them. JC then circled back into the kitchen, lifted up an injured Mortimer Moloch, and carried him into the passageway after the other prisoners.[14] Leaving the guards behind, the prisoners reached the end of the passageway but found that a locked door with a keypad that none of them knew the combination to blocked access to the hangar.[15]

Having deduced that JC was a hacker of some sort, Spoony asked the nanoaugmented agent to try to hack into the keypad.[15] JC obeyed and successfully hacked the keypad,[16] opening the door to the hangar. As an automated intercom announcement revealed that a Gabagool Incorporated refuse collection truck would be arriving in three minutes, Koranis began killing the prison guards and workers in the area with a sword he had fashioned himself out of metal scraps.[17] Shocked by Koranis's brutality, JC confronted the Glatorian and told him that he should try getting a job instead,[18] but Koranis ignored JC's advice and warned him to stay out of his way. The prisoners then waited while the refuse collection ship entered and parked in the middle of the hangar. The Gabagool Inc. employee stepped out and prepared to load the trash into the container attached to the back of the ship, but panicked when he saw the escaped prisoners and the corpses that Koranis had left around the area and fled the hangar on foot. Koranis gleefully climbed into the now-empty cockpit of the refuse collection ship and started pressing random buttons, but was immediately dragged out by JC, who doubted that Koranis would know how to pilot the ship correctly. In response, the enraged Koranis slashed JC's legs with his sword, crippling him. The rest of the prisoners retreated and climbed into the trash container at the back of the ship, leaving Koranis to take the controls. JC followed the other prisoners[19] and climbed into the trash container after them, slamming it shut behind him. Meanwhile, Koranis successfully deduced how to pilot the vehicle and flew it out of the hangar and into space.[20]

Having successfully escaped from Supermax 282 in the refuse collection ship with the entire party (save for Heavy and Agent 47, who had failed to reach the hangar in time), JC took a moment to relax. However, when he saw Spanha eat a candy bar, he zapped her with a stolen riot prod to make her cough it back up so that he could eat it himself.[20] Spanha took great offense to this and ate one of his shoes in revenge. Moments later, Koranis pressed a button on the ship's control panel that detached the trash container from the rest of the ship, leaving it to float away into space with most of the escaped prisoners still inside.[21] The prisoners began to panic, but Doug realized that he could call for help with his mobile phone, which the staff of Supermax 282 had neglected to confiscate upon his induction into the prison. Doug called his close friend and fellow League of Super Critics member Malcolm, who arrived quickly in his own spaceship and scooped up the trash container with a tractor beam. JC then stepped out of the container and onto the ship, whose eccentric owner introduced himself to the escapees.[22]

Adventures on Kråvenhold[edit]

Malcolm's ship then received a transmission from Bring the Pain Barry that showed that Barry had kidnapped the 90s Kid and was holding him hostage somewhere.[23] The Critics traced the source of the transmission to Kråvenhold and decided to launch a mission to rescue 90s Kid, with JC being taken along for the ride. Malcolm's ship embarked on a course for Kråvenhold[24] and reached its destination in record time, landing in a field near a small village that was assumed to be the source of the transmission. JC was displeased with being taken to Kråvenhold because it appeared to be a primitive planet whose society echoed that of medieval England rather than the technologically-advanced world he hailed from. While the Critics decided what to do, Mortimer was snatched by an airborne gryphon that took him into the village, prompting the others to chase after him.[25] The Critics lost track of the gryphon in the village,[26] but a local townsman recognized them as the "boring nerds" that Barry had told the villagers to expect to arrive to rescue 90s Kid.[27] The townsman also offered JC the chance to have a local surgeon amputate his crippled legs and replace them with wooden ones, but JC turned and crawled away instead. Moments later, Doug noticed the gryphon that had kidnapped Mortimer was perched atop a nearby barn, leading the group to investigate.[28]

The group approached the barn and heard crashing noises and maniacal laughter coming from within, indicating that Barry was inside.[28] JC quipped "Give me a chopper, and some guns, and I'll handle it" as he prepared to meet Barry, who emerged from the barn as a Kind Old Man but quickly dropped the facade to reveal his true mean nature.[29] Because JC's legs were still crippled, he spent most of the battle trying to reactivate his Spy Drone augmentation rather than fight Barry himself.[30] When Barry was finally overwhelmed through the joint efforts of the Critics and stifled into unconsciousness by Spanha, JC opined that Barry should be handcuffed before he could wake up and resume his rampage. Paul Latza followed JC's advice and handcuffed Barry moments before Barry woke up, angrily cursing the united Critics.[31]

Over two and a half months later (Day 76 of The Mazkertis Paradox arc), Doug Walker recalled that JC Denton had decided to stay behind on Kråvenhold to help Mortimer Moloch search the planet for his missing brother, Randolph Moloch.[32]

Abilities & Powers[edit]

JC Denton was a clone whose body contained millions of nanobots that were programmed into specific configurations (augmentations) that enabled him to achieve superhuman-like feats. Only one of JC Denton's augmentations has been demonstrated so far:

  • Spy Drone Augmentation: JC Denton's Spy Drone augmentation assembled a small aerial spy drone from the nanobots in his body that he could control with his mind. The spy drone functioned as another set of eyes for JC and could discharge electrical and EMP blasts.[11]


  • The version of JC Denton that appeared in BZPB was based heavily on the character's depiction in the Malkavian Mod, a modification for Deus Ex that remixed much of the game's content for comedic purposes. Many of JC Denton's quotes in BZPB are quotes from the mod.


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