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100% Black
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100% Blacks were elite guards in Supermax 282 that were handpicked for the purpose of containing riots.


In 150,084 CMT, at least one 100% Black tried to suppress the prison breakout in Supermax 282 that had been masterminded by Heavy. The 100% Black charged into the kitchen where most of the escapees were gathered, destroyed JC Denton's spy drone, and punched Mortimer Moloch into the entrance of the passageway that led to the hangar bay, knocking him unconscious. The 100% Black was then confronted by JC, who openly challenged the guard[1] and baited him into chasing him into an adjacent hallway. Once he had successfully led the 100% Black away from the other prisoners, JC declared that he had to "drop something" and dropped a landmine on the floor. The 100% Black found the landmine suspicious but chose to ignore it, continuing to chase after JC instead. This proved to be a mistake as the landmine exploded below the 100% Black, incapacitating but not killing him.[2]


  • The 100% Blacks originate from the Malkavian Mod, a modification for Deus Ex that remixes much of the game's content for comedic purposes.