Seran Dol-Abi

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Seran Dol-Abi
Formal Name
Seranithus Ahumaliahu Khazav Dolissima-Abirthan
A yellow-bladed lightsaber
A starfighter
Quolas, Boris Johnson,
League of Super Critics
Home Reality

Seranithus Ahumaliahu Khazav Dolissima-Abirthan, but always shortened to Seran Dol-Abi, is a Jedi native to the planet Tatooine.


Physically, Seran is a human male with short black hair and tanned skin. He wears typical Jedi attire: sandy-coloured tunic with brown robes. Seran is known for having an almost childlike sense of adventure, complete with an air of innocence that can sometimes get him in trouble (such as when he kidnapped Etende without realizing how dodgy that looked).


Early Life[edit]

Using his powers and skills, he had survived the planet's cruelty and lived in an underground house for most of his life. One day, after hearing screaming near a cave, he decided to go and investigate it, at which point he saw Angonce's hologram and met Quolas and Boris Johnson. Shortly after, the Dead Mind emerged from the ground and attacked them, though they managed to combine their powers to fend it off. Thanking the two strangers for their help, Seran offered them a lift off the planet in his starfighter, and took them to Atuar Sadiares. He now lives on the space station, afraid to return to the planet in case the Dead Mind comes after him again.

Atuar Sadiares[edit]

A couple of years after the adventure, Seran was playing the recorder when he received a vision. This vision involved him finding Etende and taking her to Klak on board the Cabana Prime. He did just that, and set off to find her just as Deathsaurus' pirates executed their plan to storm the station. Seran eventually found her amidst all the chaos, and after several failed attempts to explain that she had to come with him to Phyrexia, he just decided it would be easier to send her to sleep with a mind trick and take her anyway. He took off for the planet with an unconscious Etende on board, and ran across a powered-up Mink on the journey. He arrived at the Cabana Prime after a while and hailed them, saying that he had to deliver a passenger. Nobody on board knew who he was except Quolas, who said that he was an ally and that the woman he was carrying would be important. After Etende was beamed on board the ship, Seran returned to Atuar Sadiares, where he saw the devastation caused by Deathsaurus' pirates during his absence. He fought a couple pirates and then flew off again.


A couple weeks later, while relaxing and playing the flute inside his ship, Seran observed a couple of robots kick in the cockpit window. He blacked out, and when he woke up again, he found himself tied to a chair in the home of Douglas Walker (AKA the Nostalgia Critic). Doug explained to Seran that he had sent his robots after him because he had donated more money than anyone else to his kickstarter fund, and now he needed more money from him to pay off a debt. Seran refused to help him, but did say that Doug and his friends could ride with him on his journey to recover his stolen money, because Doug's friends had some ideas as to where it was. The ship's cockpit window was fixed up by Doug's robots, after which Seran took off in search of his stolen money with Doug, Linkara, Paul Latza, Mortimer Moloch and Dr. Bedge. However, the ship was totalled by Toa Komerak, a Platinum Lantern, soon after they left Earth's orbit. Komerak had been assigned to track down Doug, for fraud against his own fanbase and for violating's terms of use.