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Dr. Pavel
Formal Name
Dr. Leonid Pavel
Home Reality
"Nothing, I did nothing!"
Dr. Pavel protesting his innocence[1]

Dr. Leonid Pavel was a human nuclear physicist who was kidnapped by Bane and forced to build a weapon of mass destruction. He was later arrested for his crime and transferred to Supermax 282, but escaped in the breakout masterminded by Heavy. Dr. Pavel ended up as a companion of the League of Super Critics and accompanied them on their mission to Kråvenhold to rescue 90s Kid from the clutches of Bring the Pain Barry.


The Plane Scene[edit]

In 150,082 CMT, Dr. Pavel was captured on Earth by mercenaries working for Bane, a resourceful terrorist who planned to use Dr. Pavel's skills to build a weapon of mass destruction. In order to ensure that the authorities would not suspect Dr. Pavel's involvement in his plans, Bane decided that he would fake the doctor's death in an elaborate scheme. Bane had his mercenaries pose as separatists that contacted the Central Intelligence Agency to inform them that they had found Dr. Pavel and would turn him over (because the CIA also wanted Dr. Pavel in their custody due to his status as a person of interest). The CIA agreed to the terms of the 'separatists' and sent an operative named Bill Wilson in a plane to meet them on neutral ground. When Wilson arrived at the meeting, he found that the 'separatists' offered up more than just Dr. Pavel: several mercenaries who the 'separatists' claimed worked for the notorious terrorist, Bane. Knowing that capturing the mercenaries as well as Dr. Pavel would be quite the feather in his cap, Wilson took them all aboard his plane and had his pilot take off on a course back to the USA.[2]

While Wilson tried to scare the mercenaries into revealing information about Bane, one of the mercenaries revealed themselves to be Bane himself. Moments later, a much larger plane that belonged to Bane flew overhead and released more mercenaries that broke into the plane and killed most of Wilson's crew. The mercenaries grabbed Dr. Pavel, drained some of his blood and transfused it into a corpse so that, when Wilson's plane crashed, the authorities would discover Dr. Pavel's DNA on the corpse and assume that Dr. Pavel had been killed in the crash. Bane and his mercenaries then lifted Dr. Pavel onto Bane's plane mid-flight and escaped to parts unknown.[2]

Prisoner of Supermax 282[edit]

In 150,084 CMT, Dr. Pavel was transferred to Supermax 282 at the same time as Dr. Amasiv Bedge, Doug Walker, Linkara, Mortimer Moloch, Paul Latza, Seran Dol-Abi, and Spoony. As the new arrivals were being transported into the prison, Pavel overheard Linkara say "What's wrong with the Planet Sarkeesian, HMMMM?!", which caused him to panic and shout "NOTHING! THERE IS NOTHING!" even though the question was not directed at him.[3]

At lunchtime, Dr. Pavel considered sitting at the same table as the Critics, prompting a guard to taunt him for trying to make friends. In an attempt to save face, Dr. Pavel protested that the Critics were not his friends and left to find somewhere else to sit.[4] However, he remained within earshot of the Critics because he overheard Paul Latza mention the CIA, which caused Dr. Pavel to panic again and instinctively shout "Nothing, I did nothing!" in response.[1]

The Great Escape[edit]

That evening, Dr. Pavel found a hiding spot somewhere in the prison and hid in it past the end of recreation hour so that the guards would not be able to immediately return him to his cell. Once he was confident that the guards had left the area, he emerged from his hiding spot and made his way across the cafeteria in search of an exit, where he bumped into a group of prisoners who were also trying to escape: Agent 47, Dr. Bedge, Doug Walker, Heavy, JC Denton, Linkara, Mortimer Moloch, Paul Latza, Seran Dol-Abi, Spanha, and Spoony. Moments after the last of the prisoners had entered the cafeteria kitchen, the prison staff noticed that these twelve prisoners and more were missing from their cells and raised the alarm, activating a bulkhead door that sealed them inside the kitchen. To make matters worse, Heavy was then attacked by another escaped prisoner named Koranis, who mistook him for a prison guard. The loud brawl between Heavy and Koranis alerted the guards outside to the prisoners' presence in the kitchen, prompting them to retract the bulkhead door and charge in to subdue the prisoners.[5]

Amid the commotion, Doug and Spoony recognized Dr. Pavel and asked him how he had ended up in Supermax 282. Dr. Pavel replied that he was hiding from Bill Wilson and Bane, both of whom wanted to capture him due to his proficiency in building dangerous devices.[6] The high level violence in the battle between the guards and prisoners caused Dr. Pavel to scream in fear, prompting Heavy to tell him that it was not an appropriate time to be afraid. Meanwhile, Koranis knocked over a fridge, revealing the entrance to a hidden passageway that led to the docking bay of Supermax 282. Dr. Pavel immediately ran into the passageway in an attempt to escape from the guards.[7]

All the attempted escapees (with the exception of Heavy and Agent 47, who had been defeated by the guards) reached the end of the passageway[8] and proceeded into the hangar, where Koranis began killing the prison guards and workers in the area with a sword he had fashioned himself out of metal scraps.[9] Doug wondered aloud if the prisoners should be helping Koranis clear the hangar, but Dr. Pavel replied that it would be better not to get involved,[10] so the rest of the prisoners waited while a Gabagool Incorporated refuse collection ship entered and parked in the middle of the hangar. The Gabagool Inc. employee stepped out and prepared to load trash into the container attached to the back of the ship, but panicked when he saw the escaped prisoners and the corpses that Koranis had left around the area and fled the hangar on foot. Koranis took the controls of the ship and threatened anyone who came near, leading the rest of the prisoners to decide to climb into the trash container attached to the back.[11][12] Koranis quickly deduced how to pilot the vehicle and flew it out of the hangar and into space.[13]

Before the ex-prisoners could celebrate their escape, Koranis pressed a button on the ship's control panel that detached the trash container from the rest of the ship, leaving it to float away into space with most of the escaped prisoners trapped inside.[14] The escapees panicked until Doug realized that he could call for help with his mobile phone, which the staff of Supermax 282 had neglected to confiscate upon his induction into the prison. Doug called his close friend and fellow League of Super Critics member Malcolm, who arrived quickly in his own spaceship and scooped up the trash container with a tractor beam, safely depositing it aboard his ship.[15] Now that the escapees had finally reached safety, Doug asked the others for suggestions as to where they would travel next. Dr. Pavel suggested "the humble abode of Hee Yunglings",[16] but his comment was overshadowed when Malcolm's ship received a transmission from Bring the Pain Barry that showed that Barry had kidnapped the 90s Kid and was holding him hostage somewhere.[17]

Adventure on Kråvenhold[edit]

The Critics traced the source of the transmission to Kråvenhold and decided to launch a mission to rescue 90s Kid, with Dr. Pavel being taken along for the ride. Malcolm's ship embarked on a course for Kråvenhold[18] and reached its destination in record time, landing in a field near a small village that was assumed to be the source of the transmission. While the Critics pondered what to do next, Mortimer was snatched by an airborne gryphon that took him into the village, prompting the others to chase after him.[19] The Critics lost track of the gryphon in the village,[20] but a local townsman recognized them as the "boring nerds" that Barry had told the villagers to expect to arrive to rescue 90s Kid.[21] Moments after Dr. Pavel commented on the townsman's rudeness,[22] Doug noticed the gryphon that had kidnapped Mortimer was perched atop a nearby barn. As the Critics approached the barn, crashing noises and maniacal laughter could be heard coming from within that caused the townspeople to disperse and return to their homes, indicating that Barry was inside.[23]

Dr. Pavel was surprised when the man who emerged from the barn was an older-looking gentleman who appeared to be nothing more than a harmless Kind Old Man. Dr. Pavel offered the man a friendly handshake, but Barry promptly dropped the facade and punched Dr. Pavel in the face, causing him to scream in a mixture of fear and pain. Dr. Pavel was notably absent from the battle that followed, implying that the punch had either knocked him unconscious or he that had retreated to a safer position while the Critics took on Barry.[24]


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