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Endless Sea's gang,
Order of the Great Beings
In stasis aboard the Eclipse Spiral
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Ouandis is a Great Being and a secret ally of Endless Sea.


When the GB Council was voting on whether or not to go to war against the rest of the universe, Ouandis initially voted no, because he would rather focus his attention on investigating a class-W reality quake (in actuality, this was Sea tampering with plotholes) in the universe than spend time gathering armies to go to war against it. He informed the Council that regardless of the vote's outcome, he would depart shortly to investigate the phenomenon. However, Uterio di Armechio, the Council's leader, stated that if the Council voted against going to war, such an act would become treason in the future and all involved would be killed like Naju. Ouandis quickly changed his mind, and voted yes, although he added that he will deal with the plothole threat before adding his armies to Uterio's.

After the Council had adjourned with the winning vote to go to war, Ouandis opened a portal to the Eclipse Spiral and entered, followed by Ludwig von Todesfal. Once there, he summoned Endless, Alaki, Alton and Vok to the Spiral by creating plotholes underneath them. Once on board, Vok managed to steal a ship back to Teruga Prime, somehow foiling Endless and Ouandis' evil plot in the process and destroying their plothole creation technology. This also left them stuck on the space station, unable to participate in the coming Uterio War.

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