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Viruel is an enigmatic Great Being who has ordered the construction of a new model of Great Spirit Robot for an as-of-yet unknown purpose.


Viruel is an adult female Great Being who has been stated to have "the face of a natural-born descendant of the original line" that is smooth and feminine,[1] but the true meaning of this excerpt has yet to be elaborated upon. Her "skin" is a light bronze color and she has black hair with emerald braids. She wears a set of darker bronze and emerald-colored armor made of an unidentified alloy that covers most of her upper torso and shoulders. It has been carved with various intricate patterns with the "Three Virtues" symbol in the center of it all in the middle of her chest.[2] She wore a welding helmet in her first appearance,[1] but a tiara in her first formal meeting with Koranis.[3]


In 150,084 CMT, Viruel was present in the Order of the Great Beings' central fortress on Mordor when Koranis broke in, killed a number of guards, and demanded an audience with the Great Beings. Viruel heard the commotion from inside the room she was at work in, so she sent one of her Dreambuilders out to investigate and report back to her. The Dreambuilder found Koranis and identified him as a threat, so it incapacitated him by breaking one of his feet and dragged him into Viruel's room to show her what it had found. She determined that Koranis was a "Spherus Magnan", which raised questions that she left in search of answers for.[1]

Viruel found Huriel outside the room, so she asked him to explain how it was possible that a "Spherus Magnan" could locate their planet and enter their fortress undeterred.[1] Huriel speculated that Koranis could have been told about Mordor,[4] but Viruel replied that no Great Being had visited the Solis Magna system in years, with the exception of Velika. She told Huriel that she would hold Koranis and interrogate him to find out what he knew.[5]

However, Viruel did not interrogate Koranis there and then as she claimed she would: instead, she kept him unconscious while she discerned his identity from the Great Beings' archives. She then healed his broken foot and secretly transported him to a mountain range on an unidentified world. As Koranis awoke, Virual playfully introduced herself as a Great Being and the creator of the robot that had attacked him, but added that she had also healed his injury. She then showed him a new design of Great Spirit Robot that was being constructed in the valley below and offered him a chance to pilot it alongside a woman of his species named Lhirra, in return for his years of service to the Great Beings. Koranis accepted Viruel's offer.[3]

It was later revealed that Huriel suspected Viruel of planning a takeover of the Order of Great Beings due to her suspicious relationship with Koranis. This was one of the reasons why Huriel and Orion Pax tried to free Angonce from his prison and reappoint him as their leader.[6]