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Huriel was a Great Being loyal to TPK. He was most famously involved with the group of Great Beings that used alchemy to trap Coro in his metallic body.


Huriel was largely a cowardly and introverted Great Being, preferring to practice his manipulative work behind the scenes. He enjoyed using telepathy to spy on other councilmembers for the purpose of tallying votes, discovering plots, and learning details he could use against them. He constantly switched sides during the turmoils that plagued the leadership of his species, always at times when the leader seemed to not align with his vision or appeared to be waning in power. He lived in fear of Coro's vengeance after the latter broke his vow of silence, but ironically enough, Huriel's victim forgave him of his transgressions.


Huriel was elected a member of the Council of the Great Beings in the same year as Coro, and soon found that they had many ideological differences. This later imploded when the latter blocked a serious policy plan that Huriel's coalition had put forward in the council. The group lashed out in vengeance, kidnapping Coro and subjecting him to a torturous and unspeakable act of alchemy, transforming him into a strange mix of machine and organic. Huriel was one of the primary conspirators and actors of this fiendish plot.

Uterio War[edit]

Huriel was initially opposed to the war, but once he saw many councilmembers supporting it, he switched sides, claiming to be a fervent ally of Uterio di Armechio. Once the peace treaty ending the war was signed, he had turned against Angonce, silently plotting a way to make himself Chairman.

The New World Order and other Shenanigans[edit]

When TPK took over, Huriel aligned himself with him, working behind the scenes to solidify his regime. He used his telepathic powers to interrogate Angonce, who had been imprisoned by his successor. Thanks to Huriel, TPK learned about Figlio di Armechio's existence.

Huriel later resurfaced in an encounter with Koranis during TPK's absence, an event that made him begin to doubt the Chairman and plot against him.

The Mazkertis Paradox[edit]

When TPK died, Huriel and Orion Pax went to Angonce's prison with Black Phantom in tow. Huriel informed Angonce of TPK's death and the new state of the Council now that Ganos Lal had taken charge. Huriel asked Angonce to join them so that they could overthrow her and return Angonce to the position of chairperson once more. Angonce agreed, but before Huriel could free him, Black Phantom detonated an explosive that killed them all.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Huriel boasted tremendous telepathic and alchemic capabilities, as evident in his interrogation of the insane Angonce and his experimentation on Coro, respectively.

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