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Merlin is a Great Being and a member of the Council of Great Beings. He looks exactly like Gandalf.


The first time Blackout tried to activate the Conduit, Merlin intervened, teleporting all the combatants to a distant solar system. There, he put them in control of Great Spirit robots and watched the ensuing battle unfold. When Ta'harok tried to escape with his body, Merlin used a giant hand made of light to throw him into a planet. He did the same to Shattered Mirror Kakamu when the Makuta also tried to make an escape attempt.

Later, Merlin received TPK's summons for the 797th Meeting of the Council of Great Beings and teleported into the chamber. Ganos Lal appeared right after him, and Merlin scowled at her, indicating that they had bad history.

When the meeting started and TPK proposed that they sign a treaty with the ZFT, Merlin objected, fearing that the ZFT could use TPK to marginalize them and turn them into their servants. TPK denied this, stating that the Great Beings will never be their servants as long as he is leader. TPK then initiated a vote; Merlin voted No, as did some other Great Beings, including Heremus. TPK saw no place for dissenters on his council, so he summoned Orion Pax, Mafre and Tercio to eliminate Merlin and the others, but he escaped by teleporting himself and the other dissenters to his lab. Merlin and Heremus then tried to come up with a plan of what to do next.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Teleportation - Merlin can teleport himself and others. When he teleported himself and the dissenters out of the GB chamber, he achieved this by planting his staff on the ground and bathing the area around them with light.
  • Light Constructs - Merlin can create huge constructs made of light, such as light hands large enough to grab Great Spirit Robots.

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