Eclipse Spiral

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The Eclipse Spiral is Ouandis' personal space station, which sits atop the Five Empires Galaxy. It is used as both a leisure suite and a parliamentary building by the galaxy's Chosen Ones.

According to Ouandis he also uses the station for "inventing, observing, and interrogating".

One day, Ouandis was there with Endless Sea, Togariku, Alaki, Alton, Gapyriad the Executor and Ludwig von Todesfal when he decided to have a little fun by bringing Vok aboard via plothole. This turned out to be a very bad idea when Vok arrived, as he managed to steal the Spiral's only ship on board, destroying their plothole creation technology in the process. While he was escaping, he also put the station in lockdown and blasted their communications array, leaving the group trapped there. When they started to run out of supplies, they decided to put themselves in stasis.

Two years later, three Kindred of Dawn members (Blue, Raziel, and the Green Goblin) arrived on the Eclipse Spiral to investigate its strange energy signature. The Goblin discovered that the space station was discovered by the Users while Blue freed Ludwig from stasis. The Kindred together defeated Ludwig and made him swear loyalty to them. Once he had done so, they teleported him away.