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Ludwig von Todesfal
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Ludwig von Todesfal is a Great Being and a former member of their ruling Council. After he was captured by a rogue User, Endless Sea, Ludwig was trapped on the Eclipse Spiral space station with the others and forced to put himself into stasis in order to stave off starvation from their dwindling food supplies. He was eventually freed by Blue, Raziel, and the Green Goblin three years later and forced to serve the Kindred of Dawn.


In his first appearance, Ludwig was part of the Council of the Great Beings, which was gathered by Uterio di Armechio to discuss whether or not they should "stabilize" the universe by forcibly conquering its planets; essentially declaring war on the rest of the universe. Ludwig scoffed at Uterio's suggestion, saying that investigating the recent class-W reality quake (Endless Sea creating the Five Empires Galaxy) was a much more important matter at hand than the antics of madmen like Blackout. He threatened that whatever the vote's outcome, he would investigate the reality shift like Ouandis, taking the Death Vanguard with him on his expedition. He was going to say more, but he was then attacked by an energy sphere that came out of nowhere and started firing bolts of lightning at everyone. However, Ludwig was lucky enough to block the attack in time by forming a shield out of shadow energy, and used the same to energy to retaliate against the sphere.

When the chaos had subsided, Ludwig left with Ouandis through a plothole for the Eclipse Spiral with the intent on allying with him to investigate the reality quake... but when they arrived at the Spiral, it was revealed to be a trap. Endless and his minions were already there, with the intent of interrogating Ludwig. However, due to Endless's silly decision to bring Vok on board, the Terugan destroyed their plothole creation technology and escaped in a ship, leaving Ludwig trapped on the Spiral.

In 150,084 CMT (three years after Ludwig's imprisonment aboard the Eclipse Spiral), three Kindred of Dawn members (Blue, Raziel, and the Green Goblin) boarded the space station to investigate its strange energy signature. Blue discovered Ludwig and the others in stasis, and freed him. The Kindred engaged Ludwig in battle and defeated him, sparing his life in exchange for his service to the Kindred of Dawn.

Part of Ludwig's assistance to the Kindred of Dawn consisted of supplying them with Death Vanguard soldiers. Several squadrons of Death Vanguard soldiers accompanied Mazkertis on his mission to Datrio.

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