Knights of the Keruvim

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Knights of the Keruvim
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The Knights of the Keruvim are a prestigious secret organization formed by the Great Being Coro to protect the Keruvim from those who would use it for malicious purposes. The group is vast, and its members are quite powerful. Many a villain have regretted facing them in battle.


The Knights of the Keruvim function as a hybrid of an army, an order of knights (as its name suggests), and a spy organization. Many of its members, such as D-Klak and Ezekiel Carter, often hide their affiliation by becoming intergalactic mercenaries. Others have taken up less dangerous trades. Even still, the Knights spend most of their time on Vizima.

Some of the Knights are actually honorary members who were bestowed with the title because of their efforts to protect either the Keruvim or the universe at large. These include the Nadle and Klak of the Original Universe.


When the Keruvim was created by the Great Beings for the purpose of maintaining "balance" many centuries ago, Coro presented to the Council the likelihood that some would use it as a weapon of mass destruction. He then drafted a bill to create a special squadron of the Knights of the Great Beings that would guard the artifact with their lives. The Council was overwhelmingly in favor of the bill, and it passed with a unanimous vote.

Thus, the Knights of the Keruvim were assembled. Its leader, Foltest, suggested that it be a multi-species organization who would train and have its base of operations on the planet Vizima, which was located near the edge of the Original Universe.

Since then, the organization has grown remarkably. Foltest's vision was truly accomplished, as there is a diverse range of species in its ranks. Many of them are remarkably powerful, and the few villains who know of the Knights' existence often think twice of crossing them.

Despite this, their abilities were tested greatly in the Uterio War, and quite a number were killed. The war, along with events preceding it, also decreased the secrecy of the organization, as many know that it exists (few, however, know where Vizima is).

Of their leaders, the only ones that are known (other than Foltest) are Perseus, and Axalara, who succeeded the Toa of Stone after he left to join the Platinum Lantern Corp. At some point in the distant future of BZPB, Praxter will take over after Turaga Perseus is murdered by F-Klak.