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The Platinum Lantern Corp
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The Platinum Lantern Corp is an organization of beings that follows in the pattern of the Green, Red, White, and other various corps. It was founded by the Users, with the express purpose of maintaining order in the Original Universe and fighting possible threats to the Users.

The Corp currently contains seven members, its first, though unofficial, being Ynot. Like the other Corps, their power rings are fueled by a particular emotion, in this case Pride. The Corp is represented by the color of Platinum.


Each corp recites an Oath to refuel their Power Rings. This Corp has two, as Ynot likes doing his own thing.

  • In the Depths of Space, and crevices of the sea, my reach goes there, and all throughout infinity. You had better run, there is no place to hide, from my power burning with Pride
  • In darkest hour, on brightest deed, no entity will slow my creed. To have my name spoken by those it has not, quake in recognition, I am Ynot.


  • Ynot has no intention of finding the Platinum Battery that fuels his ring, nor to expand the Corp, though he resents not being invited to be an active member. (Not like he'd JOIN, but it is still grinding him.)
  • Platinum is worth more than Gold, putting Platinum Lanterns 'Above the Gold Standard' so to speak.
  • It has been theorized that should the Platinum Corp ever come to be the size of the other corps, it would come in conflict with the Orange Lanterns of Avarice often. And like the Yellow Sinestro Corp can easily beat the Green Lanterns, Pride would have the upper hand against Avarice.