Ezekiel Carter

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Ezekiel Carter
Lalli Cain (OU).png
Lalli Cain
Early 30s
  • Plasma rifle
  • Dual pistols
  • Smoke grenades
  • Staff
  • Knife
  • Jetpack
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Ezekiel Tobias Carter is a human Knight of the Keruvim who went undercover as the mercenary Lalli Cain to fight HYDRA from the inside.

He was a member of the merc team that was formed to break into Supermax 429.


Carter is tall and muscular with greyish brown hair and black armour. He carries with him a multitude of weapons, including a plasma rifle, dual pistols, smoke grenades, a staff, a knife and a jetpack.


Carter first appeared attempting to apprehend two wanted criminals, Ravat and Ti'ika, on a desolate planet for profit. A skirmish ensued between the three, but as most of the fighting was done between Ravat and Ti'ika, Cain decided to cut his losses and disappear by using a smoke grenade to mask his escape. He then travelled to Datrio to seek refuge in a bar. While there, he allied himself with Prudence Franklin and went to the beach to shoot an octopus, much to the dismay of Books LLC.

Supermax 429[edit]

"Shut up, Lalli."

After Cain invited said anime characters back to his ship, he was contacted by Lord Ozar. Ozar summoned him to Liquid Metallicon so Cain kicked the anime characters out of his ship and set a course for the pirate homeworld. When he got there he was introduced to the team, which consisted of himself, Ozar, Deathsaurus, Raigen, Fourteen, Aluren, Al-Hassi, Osseron Tyrok, Eruka Frog and Randolph Moloch. Lalli was paired with Yon for the mission. Ozar explained to them that the purpose of the mission was to break Tiff Ramson out of Supermax 429, as the Pirate-Lords desired to use him to expand their empire.

When he arrived on Supermax, Lalli was mentally attacked by Mazkertis like all the other mercenaries. After he recovered and walked onwards with Fourteen, they came to a room containing a tank and more guards. While the guard in the tank was distracted by Randolph and the guards around it mentally assaulted by Fourteen, Lalli climbed up into the hatch and took out the guard inside. Shortly after they had cleared the room, they found Tiff Ramson's cell and freed him. While on their way out, Lalli noticed that Mazkertis' cell was now empty, and they were confronted by the prison's warden: Jesse Ventura.

The battle against the warden was difficult, as he was well-equipped with a minigun and a giant humanoid machine. However, the mercenaries triumphed, and successfully escaped Supermax 429. But their victory was short-lived, as once they had arrived on Liquid-Metallicon, Lalli Cain revealed his true allegiance. Someone had paid him to betray the others. He shot Ramson, kicked him into the sea, and flew away on his jetpack. Both disappeared that very day.

At some point during the mission, however, Fourteen discovered that Cain was going to a mission involving a human trafficking ring on Malchior IV. It involved Kranxx somehow. Right after the mercenary's betrayal, he transmitted this information to Ozar, who then called a friend of his on Malchior IV. This friend, Bill Wilson, also known as "CIA" (a name similar to the famous spy agency from Earth), had previously bothered the Pirate Lord over his need to search for "big guys".

A Car Guard from Supermax 429, who was now unemployed, delivered TTT, Kranxx, and two sack-wearing mercenaries to CIA's plane, thinking they were all friends, but he was wrong. At first, Wilson was reluctant to allow Kranxx's companions onto the plane, as baiting Cain was part of his plan. Of course, TTT convinced him otherwise, as he somehow suspected that they were looking for "the jetpackeda man".

During the plane ride, one of the masked men was revealed to be Cain himself. After a brief fight, CIA's plane crashed, and Lalli escaped with Kranxx and TTT. The mercenary then whispered "Hail HYDRA" to the orange entity, implying that they were the people who were really paying him to off Tiff Ramson.

Carter searched for employment after this incident, coming into contact with a doe woman and the crew of the Aloha Oe, all while evading Bill Wilson's big search for him.

Claws and Wizards[edit]

Eventually, Lalli Cain came to the aid of the Claws of the Phoenix on Lotcas. He tagged along on their adventure to the Red Star, and followed them to both Malchior IV and Saskana. Cain then disclosed his supposed affiliation to HYDRA, and went with Figlio di Armechio, Eos, TPK, and the Knights of the Keruvim to Shinar-Karana to find the Keruvim.

After a lengthy battle caused by maskirovka, or deception, Lalli Cain showed his true colors and turned against Figlio, revealing that he was a Knight of the Keruvim named Ezekiel Carter all along. Once HYDRA was defeated, Carter retreated to Vizima with his fellow comrades.


  • Carter's codename, Lalli Cain, came from the names of two famous murderers: Lalli, a character from Finnish history, and Cain, a man in the Bible who was the first human to ever murder another.
  • Carter has mentioned meeting a Gallifreyan while drunk, and also mentioned that he had escaped from "SCP things" years ago. He was also nearly contracted for a suicide mission involving Paxton Fettel, and another involving someone that was visited by three ghosts.
  • People telling Carter (as Lalli) to shut up has become a running joke in the RPG.
  • Anatoliy Carter, an Eastern European Knight of the Keruvim from the future, is implied to be a descendant of Ezekiel/Lalli.

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