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Formal Name
Makuta Clone
Over 100,000 years
Klak ("Father")
Striborg, Green Lantern Corps,
his armies, the Users (formerly).
F-Blackout, F-Zev, Ynot, Namine,
Organization XIII (in the past,
most likely), Klak, F-Kakamu
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Klakk, better known as F-Klak, was a Cadmus clone of Klak who was destined to rule a future iteration of the Original Universe with an iron but fair fist.


When Klak was inside of the brain of Caiaphus's Titan form, a supposed future form of himself attempted to stop him. This individual looked like a mix of Klak's normal form with his Nova beast form. He convinced his "past self" to become evil to save their friends. Klak slipped into darkness briefly, but D-Klak and others helped convince him to return to the light. Everyone seemed convinced that this supposed "Future Klak" was actually from an alternate timeline, but they would soon realize that they were dreadfully wrong.

During the Shadows Rising arc, Saix told Klak that F-Klak came from a timeline where The Architect "[ceased] to...function." It is unknown what he meant by this, but it most likely fell into a plot hole.

F-Klak reappeared to Klak during an intergalactic martial arts tournament and showed him visions of a supposed future. These included the death of several of Klak's friends, and seemed to imply that such horrors would start once Klak killed Praepositus. This would trouble Klak for quite some time.

This was only one of the seeds planted that would grow into the birth of F-Klak. The events of The Pandorica Opens and The Uterio War, along with other occurrences damaged Klak's spirits. Not long after the war ended, Klak went to Korasa for some reason and stayed at a facility belonging to a mysterious group calling itself Project Cadmus. The organization aimed to clone various major figures in the BZPB Multiverse to safeguard governments from persons of mass destruction (regardless of who they may be). As noted earlier, Klak's psyche had been damaged by the fighting of the past few years. This, combined with the fact that the cloning process for Makuta was unstable, created a deranged clone named 'Klakk'. It is likely that the mad scientists under Cadmus's employ, Nuvo Vindi and Edward Richtofen, were familiar with such dangers, and decided to proceed anyway to cause chaos. Klak woke up in the facility and helped stop both of these scientists from unleashing zombies and other terrors, but remained unaware of the other monster that slept nearby.

Klakk eventually escaped the facility and killed Commander Yammark in cold blood. He flew away from the snowy moon, and ran into Zev Raregroove and his Conquistadores. They traveled to Corrantia, where Klakk burned an entire village in rage. Zev attempted to help the insane creature, recognizing that he was different from the Klak he knew. However, Klakk ran away, eventually arriving on a deserted planet in unknown space.

BZPB: Future[edit]

Klakk emerged once again sometime later, lucid and sober, and eventually convinced many people throughout the universe that he was the true Klak. In Year 253,074, Klakk/F-Klak was blessed by the Users with a power boost that would enable him to bring order to the universe after thousands of years of bloodshed and chaos. However, the twisted clone conspired to use this for his own evil ends.

After the benediction, F-Klak came across an injured Mazkertis, who had teleported from the past to this time period. Klakk had a conversation with him, then absorbed his time traveling powers for a new phase of his plan. He then set off a series of machinations across the galaxy, including killing [[[Perseus]], destroying the true future incarnation of Klak, and infiltrating the resistance set up against him, all for the purpose of conquering the universe.

F-Klak was able to conquer significant portions of the Original Universe and was instrumental in helping convince Ynot to imprison himself. After various clashes with F-Blackout, Malygos, and other individuals (some successful, some less so), Klakk realized that he needed to continue taking strategic approaches to achieve his master plan. Between these military campaigns, he began to use his newly stolen time travel power to change the past for his own amusement and to secure his very existence.

Thus, F-Klak's appearances in Caiaphus's brain as well as in the martial arts tournament were all part of this plan to twist the past to suit his own ends. Another vital way he rewrote history was in his brief alliance with Uterio di Armechio during the war that held the latter's namesake. Uterio sent forces to attack Malchior IV, and during the vicious battle that ensued, F-Klak slaughtered scores of Malchiorian soldiers. This, along with the RacKoon City vampire plague, were all meant to torment Klak to make him suitable for cloning, with the latter having the additional caveat of creating a useful army of zombie-like vampires. F-Klak may have made more time jumps to various points in history, but these were among the few mentioned in the RPG.

At some point in this time period, F-Blackout began jumping back in time as well to counteract F-Klak's efforts to change the past. The latter attempted to confuse the former by having an Ultron look-alike appear and claim that it was the new ruler of F-Klak's lands.

Millennia after the start of his initial campaign to rule the universe, F-Klak confronted the newly freed Ynot, but his fleet was destroyed[1]. The dark Makuta survived, but woke up to find that the Users who had practically protected his empire were gone, and F-Blackout ascended to their tier of existence. This caused most of his empire to be lost. The rest of it was exiled to what is known as the "Dark Zones", an area which includes The Edge Systems. F-Klak began to rebuild his empire and even created his own Dark Green Lantern Corps.

Sometime later, F-Klak prepared his troops for an assault to retake from Blackout what was once his. F-Blackout was attempting to prevent F-Klak's manipulation of time while attacking some of his villages[2]. But before this assault, Klakk decided that he would travel to the past one last time to kill the original Klak, as he no longer had any use for him.


F-Klak traveled back in time to Year 150,083 with Striborg for a final conflict with Klak to remove this a potential thorn in his side. However, in the massive conflict, he found the original Klak to be more of a match, especially now that Caiaphus was fighting them both. In an ironic twist of fate, F-Klak was killed in the battle by the power of light. In time traveling to secure his own existence, the dark clone also rewrote history to secure his destruction.

In the far-flung future, his reborn empire collapsed into infighting between his soldiers, the Lantern Corps, and the Resistance movement. It is unknown what will occur in The Reckoning, but many believe that all of these factions are preparing for a final assault on F-Blackout.

The Mazkertis Paradox[edit]

During The Mazkertis Paradox, an illusion spell cast on Klak by Mazkertis induced a vision of F-Klak. The dark clone taunted his counterpart, claiming that he would always be a part of Klak, whether as a clone or as Klak's future self[3].

When Mazkertis learned about F-Klak, he used his future existence as further justification for his plan to erase Klak from existence.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

F-Klak boasted immense power, being able to strike fear in several powerful characters, even Namine. She only was able to defeat her former master in combat because he wanted her too. Since he had over a hundred thousand years to train and study the shadows and other sources of power, he became one of the most powerful Makuta in the multiverse.

In the RPG and related stories, his powers included all 42 Kraata powers, Key Blade mastery, telepathy, and time travel (and time traveling telepathy).


  • The ZFT book seemed to have supported the idea that F-Klak was truly Klak all along, but David Robert Jones lied about the interpretation. F-Klak is not the original Klak, but a Cadmus clone meant to be his replacement. It is unknown what Books LLC will do about this.
  • F-Klak's appearance is based on Forte.exe of the Megaman Battle Network series. Elements of his backstory are based on Dark Danny from Danny Phantom, and Kessler from the inFamous series.