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Foltest was a human monarch and the first leader of the Knights of the Keruvim.


Foltest was selected by the Great Beings to lead the Knights of the Keruvim when it was formed to guard the Keruvim. Foltest suggested that the Knights of the Keruvim should be comprised of members of multiple species and establish Vizima, a planet at the edge of the universe, as their base of operations. The Great Beings accepted Foltest's proposal and his vision for the organization was realized in the years that followed.[1]

Foltest was still alive when Perseus, who was a Po-Matoran at the time, joined the Knights of the Keruvim. Foltest once panicked and interrupted a dangerous training exercise when he noticed Perseus there, but he calmed himself and led the Matoran to safety.[2] Foltest served as a father figure for Perseus in the years that followed, even once carrying Perseus on his shoulders as the Knights celebrated an unknown victory.[3]

Years after Foltest's passing, apparitions of Foltest guiding a young Perseus appeared to the combatants of the Battle of Stelta-Stal, caused by the ongoing degradation of the universe's timestream.[2][3]

In 253,074 CMT, Turaga Perseus asked Praxter if he would follow in the traditions of all the leaders of the Knights of the Keruvim, from Foltest to himself, as he passed leadership of the Knights to Praxter.[4]


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