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"I'm not Bane! I'm an Original Character™️ who just happens to wear a similar-looking mask!"
Baneman to Bill Wilson[1]

"Baneman" was a Bane cosplayer who was killed by Hotheads.


In 150,084 CMT, Baneman was one of the many characters who visited Kartouche's Moosical Extravaganza on Tybion and fled onto Hungry-man's log cabin spaceship when the venue was stormed by an army of enraged Ta'har. The Ta'har boarded the log cabin as it took off from the planet, so the crowd of former concert attendees were forced to defend themselves in a battle that became known as the Battle of the Log Cabin.[2] Towards the end of the battle, Baneman surrounded the defeated Ta'har with the other survivors.[3]

Later, Baneman and Buttman occupied themselves with guarding Bill "CIA" Wilson's plane, which was then parked in the log cabin's attached aircraft hangar. Baneman and CIA had a brief conversation about the destination of the log cabin (the Stouttish Islands), which ended in Baneman being offended when CIA called him "not much of a big guy" because "cosplayers just can't compare to the real thing". CIA then filed a flight plan with Dennis off the cabin that listed Smee, Maimen, Kranxx, Baneman, and Buttman, but Baneman interrupted CIA to tell him that Kranxx had been missing since the Battle of the Log Cabin. CIA instructed Baneman to find Kranxx, but the baneposters were ambushed by Hotheads before Baneman could leave.[1] Baneman charged at the hotheads and broke the nose of one with a punch, but he was shot by another and fatally wounded. CIA shot Baneman's attacker and held the dying cosplayer in his arms, who used his last breaths to tell CIA that there was a big guy for him out there, but added that the two of them were "not allowed" to meet. Baneman then succumbed to his injuries and died.[4]