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Bane is a human supervillain, easily recognizable by the painkiller-supplying mask that covers the bottom half of his face. He has now been drafted into Ade's Meme Team as a way of returning to Earth.



Bane's first action was to send some of his minions to recruit for his cause on Malchior IV. They returned to his sewer base on Earth with Amy and Nikolai in tow. Bane briefly introduced himself to his new recruits before sending them off to training. He was apparently satisfied with their results, as he decided to take them on a mission with him immediately afterwards. Said mission involved Bane going to a train station, shooting in the air to cause a distraction, and then typing something on a computer behind the receptionist's desk. Once this was done, they got in a car and drove away.

Before Bane could get back to base, however, an assailant blew out one of his tyres, causing his car to crash into a nearby building. He emerged from the car relatively unscathed and fired at his would-be assassin along with Amy and Nikolai. They managed to injure the assassin and back him into an alley, where he revealed himself to be a Manhunter. After an intense battle, the Manhunter was defeated by a large boulder, so Bane used Nikolai's phone to call for a helicopter to take them back to base. (Unknown to Bane, Bill Wilson was trailing him at the same time as the Manhunter, but had been prevented from reaching his target.) Bane sank into the shadows thereafter, hoping to avoid another attempt on his life.

Meme World[edit]

Bane eventually resurfaced at Kartouche's concert on Tybion, where he had been tracking Bill Wilson/CIA from a distance with his men. When the Ta'har attacked, Bane and his men escaped onto Hungry-man's ship. When Bane failed to find the pilot of the ship, or discover a way to commandeer it himself, he had one of his minions, Juan Avem, capture one of CIA's men, Juan Avyu, and take his place. Avem then sabotaged the ship's engines and caused it to crash on Meme World. Bane then disposed of Avyu by dropping him into a matter recycler and escaped onto the surface of Meme World to find CIA. Unfortunately, he found that CIA had already left with the Wang Gang, so he decided that he needed to find a way back to Earth. He was offered just that by Ade, on the condition that he and his men help her win the Terugan Civil War. Bane accepted Ade's conditions and left Meme World on her ship, the TSS Jet-Ball II.