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Hotheads are a sect of Thumans from the planet of Tievie. They have made it their life's purpose to track down and kill anyone associated with the HahaJ'UsT-Seying force, including some of Tievie's most talked-about celebrities. One of their most famous targets is the rogue CIA operative known as Bill Wilson.

Some of them infiltrated Kartouche's concert on Tybion after receiving an anonymous tip-off that CIA would be attending, and that he got to bring friends. When the Ta'har attacked, they were among those who escaped the planet aboard Hungry-man's ship. While undercover, they discovered that Bane was planning to crash the ship with no survivors, so they waited until his men started tampering with the engines to attack CIA and his friends. There was a short skirmish, during which Baneman was shot and Ahayyad Guun was suffocated in a pile of hot pockets. The hotheads found themselves outnumbered and defeated, and someone got them out of there. They have not been seen since the ship crashed into the surface of Meme World.

The Hotheads worship Snoo, the Reddit Alien (despite him having little connection with them) and are known to work with non-paid Janitors in eliminating big guys. Sometimes in extreme circumstances, they will even work alongside Bane himself if it means the end of CIA.

A group of hotheads formed a team to participate in the "Hoopz" championship sport, calling themselves the "M'lady Hotheads".