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El Presidente
The Ta'har
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Dennis, also known by his alias El Presidente, is a powerful entity and the apparent "god" of numerous joke characters.


He appears in the ancient scriptures of various worlds, such as Aselia, Centrum and Linkit. He is even mentioned in the ZFT book, though his exact purpose remains unknown, and it contains no details of his part to play in things to come. There have been various sightings of him through the history of the Original Universe, but nobody has been able to capture him on film.

It is said that Dennis is a wanderer, and lives among mortals, preferring to take residence near joke characters. At some point, he hired Hungry-man to do his dirty work for him (though we still don't know what this was) under the guise of "El Presidente", an green-armour-wearing Nicolas Sarkozy looklike.

Several years later, when the Uterio War had been and gone, Dennis attended Kartouche's concert under the same guise with his minions in tow. When the concert had finished and the audience of joke characters were chased into Hungry-man's giant floating log cabin by an army of enraged Ta'har, Dennis revealed his true form and rallied the characters to defend themselves by fighting back. The Battle of the Log Cabin ensued, during which Dennis saved Kranxx from falling to his death by catching him in mid-air and depositing him on an oversized lampshade attached to the ceiling.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Although the full range of his powers have yet to be seen, he is known to be capable of flight and conjuring energy blasts. When in disguise and walking among the mortal, he wears sturdy green battle armour and a face mask that resembles the features of Nicolas Sarkozy. Beneath this disguise, he has bright golden skin with glowing green eyes and long, flowing black hair.


  • El Presidente appeared in the last BZPB post JS ever made, before his return in late 2014. Kon merged the two characters in his absence. It would later turn out that El Presidente was not supposed to be the same character as Dennis, but what's done is done.
  • The idea of Dennis came from JS, and he frequently joked about him being a god, as well as associating him with several of his joke characters.