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Kartouche is a cow who lived on the original Tybion and was thought to be killed in its explosion. He was, but because Tybion suffers from a temporal dysfunction, it was replaced by another version of itself, complete with another Kartouche. How a-moosing.

He enjoyed singing with Yon, and during the rare periods in which the BZPB Multiverse is not at war with itself, he often went to Linkit to eat ice creams with his friend the fresh prince of fresh fruit.

Not too long ago, he was captured by the Terugan secret service, led by Vok, to be interrogated for information of Yon's whereabouts. After the Terugan president realized that Kartouche couldn't talk, he was released and proceeded to organize a concert.

When the concert finally took place on Tybion over a year later, Kartouche performed along with several other musical guests. He was then chased onto Hungry-man's ship with many other joke characters by an angry army of Ta'har. The ship took off and eventually crashed on Meme World, where Kartouche and his bodyguards were trapped for a while. Despite this, Kartouche felt quite comfortable on the bizarre planet, and considered it his new home. He was persuaded to leave the planet on the TSS Jet-Ball II by his guards, and so Kartouche became part of Ade's Meme Team.


  • Kartouche is said to have an amazing Bass singing voice. He often held his own concerts on Tybion, with regular guests being the Caged Cage, Carrots and Hungry-man.
  • Kartouche is also a well-known saxophone player on Tybion, as well as a trumpet player. His favourite song to play is "Sweet Georgia Brown", and he considers it his theme tune.


  • "moo" - Kartouche's response to Vok's questions.