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The Ta'har (Scientific name: Homo Zanta) are a humanoid race that has gradually evolved on the planet Tybion but have now spread out throughout the known universe.


Ta'har were designed originally as super-soldiers, giving them a humanoid build. However, their creators were unpleased with the progress, and abandoned them on Tybion.

Ta'har rely on heat for survival, and are colored black to absorb heat. Usually access to a reliable heat source isn't a problem, as their home planet, Tybion, has an average room temperature of 243 degrees Centigrade. However, on planets where it is too cold (Too cold for a Ta'har meaning below 40 degrees C) Ta'har must find another source of heat.

The Ta'har numeric system is very confusing to most humans, as Ta'har have three fingers and a thumb on each hand, meaning that the Ta'har base number is 8, as opposed to the Human base number of 10.

Ta'har rely on a number of symbiotic relationships for their survival. For example, the biceps and triceps are actually symbiotic friction bugs, which feed off the friction generated by an arm movement. Most Ta'har are born with all of the necessary symbiotes, however those who aren't usually die. Ta'har get along with their symbiotes, many of whom are intellectual.

Ta'har, however, need to adapt as they grow older. They must acquire new symbiotes to allow them to use new features. Also, some symbiotes have a limited lifespan and must be replaced from time to time.

Ta'har can shapeshift slightly.


Ta'har, like most other beings, have a basic urge for survival, and to this extent have developed a complex variety of self-defence mechanisms.

Ta'har can generate potent poison from any spot on their bodies, however special glands in the armpit produce an especially potent poison. Their fingers all end in claws, which can puncture a human stomach, or slash through bones. Their legs can deliver an insanely powerful kick.

While they don't like to spend much time on the matter, Ta'har faeces is explosive.

They can also shoot eye-beams.

Every joint on their arms can rotate freely, giving them great ability with weapons.

Their gastric juices can melt intritium.