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Kranxx being entered into Darkmount's database
Rench (Third nega-cousin)
Portal gun
Home Reality

Kranxx is a sliming orange entity who likes cheese and flies.


In the Beginning...[edit]

Kranxx was first discovered in one of Darkmount's cages when he was accidentally freed by Vorahk-Kah. After several attempts to kill him, Chikato sucked him into a pocket dimension.

He reappeared when lots of insignificant characters appeared and tried to kill Blackout. He was promptly disintegrated.

Despite being dead, Kranxx reappeared as part of Serecio's "fellowship" during the Battle of Mordor. He walked away after the battle, to be seen again someday.

Thinking with Portals[edit]

Several years after the end of the Uterio War, Kranxx somehow ended up in Chocoman's base. He wandered the base's many corridors for weeks, pestering Chocoman as he did so, until he managed to steal his portal gun, and teleport himself back to Mordor. He arrived in front of the Toa Yerta, and, despite not having a clue who they were, offered them help getting off the planet. The Yerta accepted, which turned out to be a huge mistake when they materialised on the planet Cold Ground, and were captured by its Agrippa inhabitants for encroaching on a site of religious significance. They were jailed, but Kranxx proved himself useful when he managed to break the lock. He then commented on the Yerta's general uselessness, and took them to see the planet's King, Haakon. When the King was understandably shocked to be confronted by escaped prisoners, Kranxx knocked him out and teleported away with the portal gun, leaving the Yerta to fight lots of guards.

The Masked Man[edit]

Kranxx was seen again two years later on Malchior IV talking to TTT, but with no portal gun. A now-unemployed Car Guard from Supermax 429 delivered Kranxx, TTT, and two sack-wearing mercenaries to CIA's plane. At first, CIA was reluctant to allow Kranxx's companions onto the plane, as they were not big guys. Of course, TTT convinced him otherwise, as he somehow suspected that they were looking for "the jetpackeda man".

During the plane ride, one of the masked men was revealed to be Lalli Cain himself. After a brief fight, CIA's plane crashed, and Lalli escaped with Kranxx and TTT. The mercenary then whispered "Hail HYDRA" to the orange entity, implying that they were the people who really paid him to off Tiff Ramson. Cain dropped Kranxx and TTT off on the roof of a building, and Kranxx slid down the fire escape ladder in search of fine cheddar. When TTT followed him and asked him what he wanted to do, Kranxx was hit in the face by a flyer advertising Kartouche's upcoming tour. After seeing there would be cheese on offer there, he began forming a plan to get to Tybion. This was helped by the discovery of Goldenn Flame, who was in a car across the street waiting for his accomplice to come back with some money (unknown to him, his accomplice had already been taken into space by a swirling vortex of flyers and killed). Kranxx explained to TTT that Golden Flame was his cheese dealer and could be trusted, so they got in the back of his car and told him about the plan to get to Tybion. Nearby, Car Guard crashed his own car, and decided to join the group as he recognized Kranxx and TTT from earlier as allies. Just as Golden Flame agreed to help, GregF appeared in the middle seat and started spurting out details of a User conspiracy to exile the joke characters to their own universe before promptly disappearing. This made the mission all the more urgent, so they picked up Asled, put him in the boot of the car and drove to the nearest spaceport at high speed.

Journey to Tybion[edit]

Kranxx was reunited with CIA at the spaceport, who was also there to get a ride to Tybion, as his plane had crashed earlier. The queues were long and the group was impatient, so Golden Flame suggested that they commandeer an empty flying saucer in one of the docks. Kranxx snuck on board and hotwired the ship, and the group sans Asled took off for Tybion, as they forgot to open the car boot and let him out. On the journey there, Kranxx listened patiently to Golden Flame's explanation on how he lost his powers. His bout of sanity was short-lived however, as he soon became so bored that he pulled up a floor panel and chewed his way through a set of wires. This caused the ship to nearly crash into Tybion with no survivors, but the group was saved by TTT using his magical powers to land in a nearby field and repair the ship safely. Mere moments later, Patrick Bateman's ship also crashed nearby, and he gave a short lecture on Kartouche's music to the group. When it was done, he attempted to kill Golden Flame with an axe, but Bateman was knocked out by Kranxx instead. The group took an unconscious Bateman with them to the concert venue, as Kranxx had confiscated his drugs. While looking around, Kranxx found the Guy Who Was Engulfed In Milk's milk booth, and realized that he was selling milk that he produced with his powers. TGWWEIM recognized Kranxx from the Battle of Mordor years earlier, and warned him not to bust his business.

After the concert, Golden Flame tried persuade Kranxx to help him assemble an army of joke characters to bring the fight to the Users, but Kranxx was preoccupied with finding a way off of Tybion. Spotting Hungry-man's giant floating log cabin nearby, he climbed its rope ladder with his allies while Hungry-man and his friends gave chase. Once they had found the cabin's control room, hundreds of other joke characters had made it inside in a bid to escape from an army of Ta'har. As it turns out, the Ta'har were not too happy with the joke characters "desecrating" their culture by having a concert on their planet, so a mighty battle began between the army of joke characters and Ta'har, commanded by Dennis and Wayfarer respectively.