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Aselia is the homeworld of a wide range of magical species, including Genis' species, who look like humans but rely on magic instead of technology.

It is comprised of two large continents, called Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. These continents were joined once, but were separated to prevent a great war that would have broken out among the people.

There is also an ancient temple in the ruins of Asgard that contains a touch-activated portal to the Icy Planet.

Genis recalls his homeworld[edit]

"Where do I come from? Well, ma'am, I come from a world named Aselia. It is comprised of two massive continents, Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. Not too long ago, we had some major struggles and a war almost ensued, back when the world was split in two. It's beautiful, and thanks to my friends and adventures, I was able to see it all. There's the northern forests of Iselia, near the shore. The desert country of Triet is very vast. There's the seaside towns of Izlood and Palmacosta. The ruins of Asgard are a must see, as is the Tower of Mana near Luin. The frozen country of Flanoir is a sight. There's the Gaoracchia Forest area, with the forest town of Ozette, or the ninja town of Mizuho. If one obtains permission, one can visit the elven village of Heimdall, my hometown. I could keep going, the world has so much more, it is so huge!

"Furthermore, there's many different types of beings. There's monsters and animals. There are humans, elves, half-elves, dwarves. Summon spirits, angels, and demons. My world is such a diverse land. And I, who worked so hard to restore it, care for it deeply. That's my world, ma'am. I don't think that these brothers are from my planet, but who knows?"