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Maimen is a mercenary who Bill "CIA" Wilson hired to aid him on his mission to investigate the Pirate Lords of Liquid-Metallicon.


Maimen was a mercenary who Bill "CIA" Wilson hired to aid him on his mission to investigate the Pirate Lords of Liquid-Metallicon.[1]

In 150,084 CMT, Maimen was present when CIA rendezvoused with TTT, Kranxx, and Car Guard on Malchior IV (though Maimen was not mentioned by name). After Maimen boarded CIA's plane with CIA and the other mercenaries, TTT and his companions, and some hooded prisoners, the plane took flight over Malchior IV. During the flight, one of the prisoners was revealed to be Lalli Cain himself, who shot the pilot with the intention to crash the plane with no survivors. The plane crashed, but Maimen and the others survived and obtained an identical plane to replace the one that had been destroyed.[1]

While CIA travelled to Kartouche's Moosical Extravaganza with Kranxx, TTT, Car Guard, and Goldenn Flame aboard a stolen spaceship, Maimen and his allies followed them in their new plane and parked it in the garage that was connected to Hungry-man's log cabin ship just outside the concert venue. When an army of Ta'har stormed the venue, the concert attendees fled into the log cabin and were forced to defend themselves in what became the Battle of the Log Cabin. Amid the chaos, Kranxx found the log cabin's navigation console and set a course for the Stouttish Islands.[1] When the Ta'har were defeated, CIA called Dennis, the de facto leader of the concert survivors, and requested that Maimen, Smee, Kranxx, Baneman, and Buttman left the log cabin aboard their plane. Dennis approved of CIA's flight plan, but before they could leave, they were ambushed by hotheads opposed to CIA's plans.[2]

Soon afterwards, Juan Avem sabotaged the spaceship's engines, causing it to drop out of hyperspace and plummet towards Meme World. A grenade thrown by a hothead also blew a hole in the cabin's hull, which began to depressurize the garage and suck out its contents.[3] Maimen warned the others to "grab on to something" as the ship plummeted towards the world below.[4]

Maimen survived the subsequent crash on Meme World and commented that whoever caused it had "a lotta loyalty for a hired gun".[5]


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