Elite Makuta

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The Elite Makuta are a group of Makuta created by the Great Beings during the Vrai invasion of the Matoran Universe. The group is composed of:

After the Vrai were defeated, all the Elite Makuta but Blackout were sealed in stasis pods until Blackout woke them up shortly before the Battle of Darkmount. It was there that they revealed they had the ability to merge into Bruticus.

The group has since been decimated: Starscream has disappeared, Barricade was captured by Zev Raregroove, traumatized, freed, and buried by Serecio, Bonecrusher's armour was destroyed when he fell 1000 metres while trying to kill Serecio, and Brawl was taken out by Rahkshi under Le Chiffre during the Agori's takeover attempt.

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