Starscream (OU)

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Makuta Starscream, the Traitor
Approximately 149,450 years.
Anyone who'll help him oust Blackout.
Anyone who is not his ally, Blackout.
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Starscream is the traitorous and deceitful Elite Makuta who was created alongside Blackout 149,450 years ago.


Starscream was created 149,450 years ago in order to drive the Vrai out of the Matoran Universe along with Blackout, Barricade, Bonecrusher and Brawl. After this was accomplished, Starscream, Barricade, Brawl and Bonecrusher were placed in stasis pods. When Blackout created Darkmount, he took the pods with him, and later ordered Malygos to retrieve a crystal, hidden by the Great Beings on a distant planet, which would reawaken the Makuta. That happened. Then, Ynot, the Makuta Anima and The Fallen attacked. Starscream attacked Trixitin.

Later, Blackout summoned him and Grindor through a portal to fight Kakamu. He encountered additional resistance in the form of Masaharu and Micros, the latter of which knocked him down with five shadow embers. Then Malygos stole his body. Then he betrayed Blackout and took over the Twilight, which caused everyone to fight him. In the end, Blackout smashed his head into a wall and then captured him.

During the Battle of Mata Nui II, he fought Catalyx and Ravage.

He then got sucked into a plothole, being revived by Xavalis and fighting alongside Blackout at the same time. He commanded Darkmount for a while during the Battle of Lantea, until Blackout came back from Atlantis.

Then Blackout sacrificed him to open the Pandorica. His armour was destroyed, but his antidermis survived, and travelled to BZPower, where he got a new body.....only to be captured by Sideways and used to revive Unicron.

He survived this, but ended up a powerless Toa. After somehow getting Vorahk-Kah's staff, he began stealing powers from people. Eventually, he found Trantoshen, gained his power, and offered to help him find Kakamu. He did that, and then used V-K's staff to gain Kakamu's powers as well. He then teleported to his not-so-secret lair, where he created clones of Trantoshen and Vorahk-Kah. Ricochet then appeared, and their alliance was revealed. They then attacked a planet using the weapons on their mecha, and the clones.

Later, the two made plans to overthrow Blackout. Starscream decided that he would leave and pretend to be loyal to Blackout to keep him off-guard until the optimal moment, at which point Ricochet would come and the two would jointly destroy Blackout. Starscream travelled to the ZFT homeworld, where Blackout offered him a chance to prove his loyalty.


  • Laser Vision
  • Location
  • Fire (gained from Trantoshen)
  • Light and EMPs (gained from Kakamu)
  • All 42 Kraata powers (gained from Ricochet)
  • Force powers (gained from Seran Dol-Abi)
  • Immunity from embarrassment (gained from Boris Johnson)
  • Iron (gained from Ynot)

Alternate Dimensions[edit]

  • In the Shattered Mirror Universe, Starscream is a heroic member of the Order of Mata Nui who would never so much as dream of betraying anyone.
  • In the Dark Universe, Starscream was even more treacherous and untrustworthy than his Original Universe counterpart. He assisted Blackout in his laboratory for a while, only to grow tired of his company and kill him by releasing a deadly agent into the facility. Some time after that, he teamed up with Uterio di Armechio to take over Aperture Science, but was killed in the process by Vorahk-Kah.
  • In the Eternal Universe, Starscream is called "Starscreech". He arrived in the OU with his companion Bonesmasher to enforce the Universe-Travelling Restriction Act 1999 upon Shockwave and Yon. However, Shockwave simply shot and killed Bonesmasher before teleporting away again, leaving Starscreech little to do except take his companion's corpse back to the EU.
  • On English's World, Starscream was one of the characters who teamed up to stop Lord English. He was killed when English unleashed a humongous blast of chaos energy.


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