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Le Chiffre
Forgotten Tribe
Home Reality

Le Chiffre was the leader of the Forgotten Tribe and the main antagonist of the Desert Heat story arc. He was killed by Blackout when he tried to betray him.


When Le Chiffre first appeared, his goal seemed to be revenge against the Fire, Water, Ice and Jungle Tribes. He allied himself with the Skrall and Vorox in order to achieve this goal. His servants included Qantus, Xertus, Nirtis and Triton.

Later, it was revealed that he had a Vrai as a lab assistant, and that he served Blackout. When Xeno arrived in Roxtus, he immediately saw him as a potential threat, and attempted to kill him by sending him to a tent filled with Vorox. However, the Vorox were killed by the rogue Vrai, with the help of Ulysses.

When Blackout arrived on Bara Magna, Le Chiffre was one of the beings who witnessed his arrival.

When Makuta Xintrix encountered the Fellowship of Kakamu, Le Chiffre appeared beside him, along with an army of mutated Vorox, Glatorian and Agori. He then revealed that he had the power to make people that he looks at tell the truth, and only the truth.

Following this, he was put in command of Darkmount while Blackout was off dealing with D-Klak, Nadle and Abneris, and later attempted to betray Blackout by taking the Chamber of Secrets for himself. This failed, and Le Chiffre was killed in a really over-the-top way.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Despite being an Agori, Le Chiffre was the size of a Glatorian. He wore black and red armour and had a scar across his face. He had the power to force people to tell the truth with a stare.