Barricade (OU)

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Approximately 149,450 years
625 CMT
The other Elite Makuta
Enemies of the ZFT
ZFT/Brotherhood of Makuta
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Barricade is one of the Elite Makuta who were created alongside Blackout. He is now a member of the ZFT.


Barricade was created 149,450 years ago as part of a group called the Elite Makuta, which also included Blackout, Starscream, Brawl and Bonecrusher. Their objective was to drive the Vrai out of the Matoran Universe. After this was accomplished, Starscream, Barricade, Brawl and Bonecrusher were placed in stasis pods by the Great Beings. When Blackout created Darkmount, he took the pods with him, and later ordered Malygos to retrieve a crystal, hidden by the Great Beings on a distant planet, which would reawaken the Makuta. That happened. Then, Ynot, the Makuta Anima and The Fallen attacked. Barricade attacked Hokagetsu. For once, he got to fight someone who wasn't rubbish at hand-to-hand combat.

After the battle, Blackout ordered Barricade to release a cyber-virus on Gorlam Prime, despite his objections that it was not tested.

Barricade spent a lot of time after that not doing much at all, until he was sent to the Enterprise in order to extract the co-ordinates of Atlantis from its navigational computer. He then told Blackout various things, and then fought Kakamu. When Trantoshen showed up and also attacked him, Barricade put a parachute on his back and threw him off Darkmount.

When the Battle of Lantea was over, Barricade accompanied Blackout to the Shattered Mirror Universe, and carried hadrium around.

Later, he fought alongside Rahn in the Battle of the Halves/Alternates against D-Klak, and landed several hits on the alternate Makuta, including covering him with sticky grenades, which were then removed by a certain troll, who then turned into a tophat, ate Barricade, traumatized him, and dumped him on a random planet, where he was found by the ZFT. He was later assigned to kill Serecio along with Bonecrusher, but ended up buried.

He was somehow recovered, and joined Blackout and Overlord Blackout in fighting off invaders from the Shattered Mirror Universe. He stood around doing nothing, until suddenly he decided everyone on the battlefield was actually Zev, and started mindlessly killing them, until a black-armoured Glatorian made him snap out of it by stabbing him in the chest, and then challenging him to an honourable fight. Barricade agreed, but laughed and blasted him in the face with heat vision instead.


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