Brawl (OU)

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Makuta Brawl
Approximately 149,450 years
Claws, missile launchers that don't actually fire missiles
Blackout's enemies, the Vrai
Brotherhood of Makuta/ZFT
Home Reality

Brawl is an Elite Makuta who was created alongside Blackout.


Brawl was created 149,450 years ago in order to drive the Vrai out of the Matoran Universe as part of a group called the Elite Makuta, which also included Blackout, Barricade, Starscream and Bonecrusher. After this was accomplished, Barricade, Brawl and Bonecrusher were placed in stasis pods.

When Blackout created Darkmount and flew into space, he took the pods with him, and later ordered Malygos to retrieve a crystal, hidden by the Great Beings on a distant planet, which would reawaken the Makuta. Then, Ynot, the Makuta Anima and The Fallen attacked, beginning the Battle of Darkmount. Brawl fought Sasuken and Asumaru, and managed to melt some of the former's armour.

After the First Battle of Impel Down, Brawl was trapped along with all of Blackout's other forces in the Muta-Gaath Nebula for 50,000 years.

During Blackout's war on the Agrippa, the Makuta managed to capture King Agrippa's ship and towed it into a hangar bay. Brawl teleported into the hangar bay and killed King Agrippa's crew.

Later, he fought Ynot and Kakamu alongside Blackout.

Much later, during a fight, he snuck up on and impaled a clone of Ta'harok.

During the Battle of Lantea, he and Bonecrusher teleported onto the Wigwam with some Rahkshi. During the fight that resulted, Brawl was blasted several times by Sasuken.

When Blackout travelled to the Shattered Mirror Universe, Brawl was in charge of shooting at the SMU Mata Nui robot's Core Processor.

After Blackout broke into the Real World, invaded BZPower, he went on a rampage capturing random people, including Treveya. Klak tried to free her, but came face-to-face with a troop of Exo-Toa led by Brawl. Brawl captured Klak and stuck him in a prototype prison chamber.

At some point afterwards, Blackout forced Brawl to sing every Lady GaGa song that ever existed, and played the recording to D-Klak and Nadle on a continuous loop.

When Blade and Sasuken destroyed Darkmount, Brawl was evacuated along with everyone else onboard, and got to say "Whaaa?" when Blackout summoned a new version using the Architect's devices.

During another space battle with the Wigwam, Le Chiffre ordered Brawl to "BLOW UP STUFF!!!!!". He then started mashing buttons on one of Darkmount's consoles, causing it to fire lots of nasty things into a hole in the Wigwam's shields.

Brawl then accompanied Le Chiffre and his Rahkshi to the surface of a planet. There, Le Chiffre had his Rahkshi to take out Brawl as part of his bid for the Chamber of Secrets. However, he survived.


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