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Bruticus is the combined form of the Elite Makuta: Blackout, Starscream, Barricade, Brawl and Bonecrusher. It was first formed to combat an unknown Vrai superweapon.

Many thousands of years later, during the Battle of Darkmount, he was once again formed to fight the Makuta Anima, when TMV, one of Zev Raregroove's lieutenants arrived, and did something that, oddly, no one else thought of: ATTACK HIM WITH LIGHT. Of course, thanks to Brawl's increased resistance to injury, this had the effect of stunning him for all of 4 seconds.

He continued fighting TMV, as well as Rylou, a weird half-man, half-lizard combo TMV summoned. Rylou fired a blast of energy at Bruticus, which he tried to dodge, but failed, and was forced to disassemble.


  • For more information on the Bruticus that inspired this Bruticus, read this.