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Jerok was a jerk a Makuta who fought in several of the Brotherhood's battles. He was killed after making an enemy of Kakamu in the Battle of Zev's HQ.


In 625 CMT, the midst of the Vrai War, Miserix ordered Jerok and several other Makuta to destroy a Vrai airfield that was preparing to attack Metru Nui. During the mission, Jerok, Vamprah and Blackout fought their way to the control tower, but were unexpectedly surrounded and held at gunpoint. Luckily, the other Elite Makuta crashed a Vrai cruiser above them, creating a distraction that allowed Jerok and his allies to teleport to safety on the other side of the island. Unfortunately, the Makuta found that there were no cruisers or aiships left to take them back to Destral, meaning that they were stuck there.

Jerok returned to fight in the Battle of Zev's HQ. Unfortunately for him, Kakamu threw him down to the battlefield, where his armor was crushed by a Gnoll captain. Jerok disappeared after the war but later possessed a Maxilos robot. He tracked down Kakamu to get revenge but Kakamu got a Jetrax T6 and destroyed the Maxilos. Jerok's antidermis evaporated before he could find a new body, killing him. He died a JERoK's death.

Because the events of the Battle of Zev's HQ were erased from history when Blackout rewound time with the Vahi Cube, Jerok may still be alive somewhere out there.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Repulsion - Jerok's Kanohi Crast, the Mask of Repulsion, could repel him from whatever surface he is standing on with great force. It could also be used to repel objects coming into contact with him, for example, projectiles.
  • Absorption - Jerok, like most other Makuta, could absorb other biomechanical beings to increase his size and strength.
  • Shadow Energy - Jerok could create elemental shadow blasts as a means of attack, as well as shadow constructs such as Shadow Hands.
  • Kraata Creation - Jerok, like most other Makuta, could create Kraata slugs of varying types, which could then be turned into Rahkshi through the use of Energized Protodermis.
  • Kraata Powers - Jerok had access to the full range of Kraata powers, enabling him to have increased accuracy, adapt instantly to new environments, induce anger, fire chain lightning, camouflage himself, induce confusion, create cyclones, create darkness, control the density of his body, disintegrate matter, dodge incoming attacks, elasticity, create an electrical field, induce fear, increased resistance to fire and ice, manipulate gravity, fire powerful eyebeams, drain the energy of victims, cast illusions, control insects, have limited invulnerability, manipulate magnetism, read minds, disrupt molecules, control plantlife, fire plasma, create poison, unleash a power scream, heal rapidly, control Rahi, shapeshift, shatter objects, mute sound, induce sleep and slowness, blast sonics, create stasis fields, teleport, create vacuums, and control the weather.


  • Jerok's first appearance in BZPB was during the Battle of Zev's HQ. He was later shown to have participated in the Vrai War beforehand in DRJ's epic, Tales of the Vrai War.
  • If you remove the "o" from "Jerok", it spells "jerk". In fact, during his laughably short life, he was a jerk.