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Home Reality

Nightstick was one of three Targetmasters who allied themselves with Ricochet in return for being given command of his promised future armies.


Nightstick, Pinpointer, and Holepunch were at some point recruited by Ricochet. They agreed to serve Ricochet on the condition that he gave them command of his armies after he had successfully conquered the universe.

Nightstick and his allies later followed Ricochet to the Mata Nui II to attack Ricochet's worst enemy, Blackout. In the resulting battle (that became known as the Battle of Ricochet v. Everyone), Nightstick attacked Catalyx and Zava Reragrove, and also somehow knocked Blackout unconscious, becoming one of few people in history to do so. Ricochet teleported the unconscious Blackout to his ship, so Nightstick and the other Targetmasters followed.

When Blackout escaped his bonds, Nightstick fought him, but was overpowered by the Makuta and deactivated. Nightstick's body was recovered by Blackout and taken as a trophy.

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