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Crew of the Enterprise
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Catalyx was a being of unknown origins who served on the Enterprise. He was a skilled pilot.



During the Battle of Mata Nui II, Catalyx appeared along with Naju, Farpoint, and the Random Ensign to stop Blackout from activating the Conduit. Starscream appeared and took on Catalyx. Catalyx deployed a small robot named Ravage from his chest to help him fight Starscream, but Starscream blew him up. In response, Catalyx deployed a miniature Ta'harok (WTF?) who jumped out of Catalyx's chest, but was impaled by Brawl and decapitated by Blackout.

Later, Catalyx returned during the Battle of Ricochet v. Everyone, alongside Kulnak and Zava Reragrove. They debated on which one of the combatants they should kill: Ricochet or Blackout. Eventually, they decided on Ricochet. Ricochet then revealed he had help, in the form of some tiny robots with the ability to transform into guns – Targetmasters, specifically Nightstick, Pinpointer and Holepunch, who attacked Catalyx and Zava. In response, Catalyx deployed a tiny robot called Laserbeak, which Ricochet then blasted to pieces. Catalyx noticed Trantoshen watching the battle nearby, and tried to convince the Toa to join their side by lying to him a lot.

After Naju hijacked the Enterprise, Catalyx was left floating in space, due to the explosive decompression on the bridge. He eventually crashed into Chenrotoss, where he killed King Vakka. When some cacti went to investigate, Catalyx's energy somehow turned them into the Toa Catastras and gave them a mission: Destroy Naju. Catalyx then gave up the ghost and died.

When Chenrotoss was destroyed, Catalyx's remains were flung across space.

BZPB: Future[edit]

By the time of the FRPG, Catalyx's remains made their way to a junkyard somewhere. Eventually, these remains were found by Mirage, Evelin and Nemesis, who reassembled Catalyx and brought him back to life. However, he was left amnesic due to the circumstances surrounding his resurrection, but this problem was solved (kind of) by Barnax uploading a standard Battle Droid software package to his brain.