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Ricochet is a Makuta and one of Blackout's worst enemies.


Though he and Blackout were initially good friends, Ricochet eventually challenged Blackout for who would control the universe when Blackout's plan succeeded, and was defeated and exiled to another dimension along with a contingent of Visorak and robots loyal to him.

100,000 years later, he returned and headed for Mata Nui II, where he attacked Blackout. Despite Zava Reragrove, Catalyx, Kulnak, Garak, Weyoun and Akzer all trying to kill him, he defeated Blackout with the help of his Targetmaster partners Nightstick, Pinpointer and Holepunch, and kidnapped him with the intent to drain his power.

This didn't earn him the thanks he thought it would, and he found his base being attacked by Ta'harok and his team. He tried to repel them with an energy shield and some turrets, but Garak deactivated these and Ta'harok started beating Ricochet senseless. And then Zev Raregroove and Prudence Franklin arrived.

Pinpointer then came to Ricochet's rescue, but was killed by Weyoun sticking his finger into his gun's barrel.

Things began to go even worse for Ricochet when Blackout freed himself, stole Ta'harok's fusion cannon, kicked Holepunch into a wall, and made an attempt at badassery – which was then ruined by Zev. Blackout was left to look for trophies, which he did – in the form of a deactivated Nightstick.

At this point, Ricochet was convinced that things simply could not go more badly. He was wrong – Caiaphus, Treveya, Nadle, some other Apprentices of Caiaphus, and Akzer showed up, not to be left out of the epic fight.

Finally, Blackout got sick of everyone trying to kill his enemy, and pretended to kill Ricochet. Despite this, people kept trying to kill him. Blackout then locked him in a virtual reality room onboard Darkmount and forgot all about him.

When Sasuken and Blade destroyed Darkmount, Ricochet escaped, and made an alliance with Starscream, who was also interested in killing Blackout. They pooled their resources to buy a giant mech and a lab, which they used to clone Vorahk-Kah.

Later, Ricochet travelled to Malchior IV, having heard from Starscream that Blackout was imprisoned there, intending to kill him. However, being a Makuta, he fell to Walternate's mind control, and was forced to become part of a fusion of other mind-controlled Makuta and Rahkshi. When the fusion was destroyed, Ricochet was imprisoned on an asteroid with the other Makuta. He took advantage of the Elites' weakness to take over the Rahkshi and found his own small kingdom on the asteroid.

Blackout then arrived to get his army back, and unceremoniously got rid of Ricochet by blowing his armour apart with shadow bolts. His antidermis escaped, and floated around until a mysterious force teleported him away.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Absorption - Ricochet, like most other Makuta, can absorb other biomechanical beings to increase his size and strength.
  • Shadow Energy - Ricochet can create elemental shadow blasts as a means of attack, as well as shadow constructs such as Shadow Hands.
  • Kraata Creation - Ricochet, like most other Makuta, can create Kraata slugs of varying types, which can then be turned into Rahkshi through the use of Energized Protodermis.
  • Kraata Powers - Ricochet has access to the full range of Kraata powers, enabling him to have increased accuracy, adapt instantly to new environments, induce anger, fire chain lightning, camouflage himself, induce confusion, create cyclones, create darkness, control the density of his body, disintegrate matter, dodge incoming attacks, elasticity, create an electrical field, induce fear, increased resistance to fire and ice, manipulate gravity, fire powerful eyebeams, drain the energy of victims, cast illusions, control insects, have limited invulnerability, manipulate magnetism, read minds, disrupt molecules, control plantlife, fire plasma, create poison, unleash a power scream, heal rapidly, control Rahi, shapeshift, shatter objects, mute sound, induce sleep and slowness, blast sonics, create stasis fields, teleport, create vacuums, and control the weather.