Zava Reragrove

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Zava Reragrove
Various, including an axe
Home Reality
"Certain moments in time are fixed. Everything else is in flux - anything can happen - but those certain moments, they have to stand."
Zava to Klak

Zava Reragrove was a being from the Shattered Mirror Universe who worked for Ta'harok. After he randomly attacked several characters, he was tracked down and killed by Klak.


Zava first appeared on Keichi's ship, claiming to have been sent by the Shattered Mirror Universe version of Keichi to kill him. (This plot element has been untouched. It is entirely possible that this was just a fake backstory made up by Zava.) Zava was imprisoned, but eventually escaped. He later showed up trying to kill Klak, repeatedly changing weapons and taking on a new form while in combat. However, he was slain, but his essence escaped. It eventually found Yon and tried to take over his body. This plan also failed when Yon resisted and was teleported to Vorahk-Kah, minus Zava's essence. Instead, Zava followed him and tried to possess Vorahk-Kah, but failed again. His spirit prepared to fight both Vorahk-Kah and Yon, but was interrupted by a scatting Ta'har who appeared out of nowhere. The scatting Ta'har appeared to be a herald for Ta'harok, because the being then arrived at the scene in Kakamu's body. Ta'harok instructed Zava to kill Yon for some reason.

Being utterly useless, Zava failed to kill Yon, opting to take control of the Jet-Ball instead. However, his presence was detected inside the ship's systems and it self-destructed. Zava managed to cling to life long enough to find and inhabit Caiaphus's body, but he was purged from it by Klak and killed for good this time.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Possession - In his spirit form, Zava could inhabit the bodies of others and control them.
  • Shapeshifting - Zava demonstrated the ability to shift between forms while in combat with Klak.


  • "This is my favorite weapon... Reserved only for my most persistent enemies" - Zava referring to his axe while conversing with Klak