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A massive sword
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Shattered Mirror Moss is the version of Moss from the Shattered Mirror Universe. She is not very different appearance-wise, but when it comes to personality, they are not very similar at all.



SMM is very much the same as Moss when at comes to Appearance, apart from the fact that she has black hair rather than Moss' red. She normally wears red shorts and a black shirt, she is known to wear a pair of black Geta (Traditional Japanese elevated sandals). A massive sword is strapped to her back, and although this has not been described with detail on the actual game, the sword has many sentences written on it with a strange language.


SMM's personality is what divides her from the normal Moss. SMM is obsessed with killing things, and seems to enjoy other people's pain, she is very quick to anger, and she will laugh madly when she is about to kill. Completely opposite to the real Moss, SMM seems to be quite mean to everybody apart from SM Shroom, she looks up to him as a big brother of sorts, but never mentions it.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

SMM is strong enough to wield the oversized sword she uses, and she is able to swing it like a light stick. This shows massive strength, but she has not really shown any other special abilities other than immense strength.


  • Shattered Mirror Shroom refers to SMM as "The Berserker".